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  1. Hi just wondering if this years event has been cancelled due to Covid-19 as Trial GP website doesn't but World Trial 2020 website does say its cancelled
  2. Hi everyone just wondering does anyone know which club is organising the event as we would like to observe.
  3. Hi re3vste, My dad Is the clerk of the course for Scunthorpe Club trial on Sunday and the white route is a beginners route which will suit you any questions message me
  4. Hi there i have a 2016 300 with a Keihin Carb and 48 Pilot Jet and 128 main jet standard needle and needle set in middle and air screw at 1 1/2 turns out, but it seems to run on slightly sometimes i am thinking its running weak
  5. Yes you should be able to ride around before the start but not the sections. I would take 1 can of petrol with you. If you come and see us there we will sort you out and my dad will run the bike with you. We are in a big Blue Renault Master with Holmestead on the side of it. (Reg EY08 DCE) We will be there from about 9 - 9.30 ish. it starts at 10.30/ 11am .
  6. Hi, Yes you can have a bit of practice before the trial once u have got entered but not the sections, usually we get the 1 hour before the start
  7. I've just changed my carb settings now, left the pilot jet at 45, changed the main jet from a 125 to a 128 and needle setting to 1 up from bottom, going to try this setting at trial on Sunday (Lincoln). hopefully this setting should be ok.
  8. Hi, Lincoln have a Trial Next Sunday 10th Jan at Manton Quarry Nr Scunthorpe (DN21 4JT) Scunthorpe have one on 17th Jan Next to Eddie Wright Speedway Stadium (DN15 8QZ) Banovallum have one on 24th Jan at South Thorseby Quarry Nr Louth (LN13 0AW) Pegasus have one on 31st Jan at Castle Bytham South of Grantham off the A1. (NG33 4QW) The Easy Route at all these Events is very suitable for a Beginner, and will all make you welcome Have a Look at the Link below which gives you all this year trials and dates around this area http://www.motorcyclesport.org.uk/trials_dates.htm
  9. Thanks Guys for all your comments. Will take your advice
  10. Does anyone know what jets I should be running on my carb its a kelhin flat slide
  11. I was going to get a 250 but I tried a 300 at demo day, and thought it suited me more, they are easy to ride, good on power. if I was you I would go for a 300 but try it first
  12. Thanks to all your comments guys, I am blaming myself Scott lol
  13. Hi, I've just bought a 2016 300cc and I was wondering what the mixture screw turns should be so its set right for me its a kelhin flat slide carb on it
  14. Hi There. I have fitted 1 to my 2011 sherco and all you have to do is extend the wires, the wires on the end of the switch need to be male, 1 to earth, the other 1 to the cdi wire which is a cut out wire.
  15. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knows what length the forks should be from the top of the top yoke to the centre of the wheel spindle, on my dads Drayton bantam.
  16. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows what the air mixture should be (How many turns out) on my bike, and I have also fitted a s3 titanium front pipe do I need to change any jets.
  17. Hi everyone, I've Just bought a second hand X Light, but it has 2 sidewall cuts, it takes a week to go down. should I change to a different tyre or just keeping blowing it up.
  18. My Dad is not a new comer on a bantam he has been riding Pre65 Trials since he was 40 and he is now 57, plus he has rode plenty of poachers trials, which are good trials to ride.
  19. Hi there my dad is looking to ride the Scottish Pre65 in 2015 but he needs to sort out the forks on the bantam, can anyone tell me what forks to use or what forks you turn down to fit Triumph 3TA fork bottoms and what yokes to use. cheers
  20. Hi does anyone know where the bssa trial is at on 14/07/13 and does anyone have a postcode cheers
  21. hi i am struggling to find a talon rear hub for my ty250 pinky does anyone know where i can get one from. cheers
  22. Hi does any one know where i can get a 0.75mm piston kit for my Yamaha TY250R Mono from becouse genuine yamaha 0.75mm out of stock now. cheers
  23. Hi there i have a 2011 sherco 250, the problem you are having could be an air leak between the crankcase manifold and the carb try that, to find an air leak spray brake cleaner on the manifold then you will know.
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