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  1. Hi I had the same problem wearing my varifocal lenses, a few years ago I mentioned this to the optician and he said why not try contact lenses, I was not too sure about poking something in my eye but gave it a go, the result is I now wear mono vision lenses (distance lense in one eye and close up lense in the other [it's that brain training thing again]) for trials and they have been a excellent.
  2. I have a 4RT and it starts very easily, for the first start of the day 2 steady strokes of the kickstart and then 1 slightly more enthusiastic stroke rather than kick and away it goes, once started usually just one stroke of the kickstart, it does come onto the peg but as you are not using much force its not a problem
  3. You can also practice at Lincolnshire Trials Park on Saturdays near Hatcliffe (DN27 0SW is the nearest post code), I think its open every weekend cost £15 for the day, suggest you check with Vince at Haventrialsport just to make sure its open before you travel.
  4. Hi i have a Beta Evo 4t and I had the same/similar problem last year, when I revved the engine it did not pick up properly and the fan stopped. It turned out to be the capacitor which is wrapped in the tape in the wiring harness just under the frame left hand side near the carb top. Its a pain to get too but if this capacitor has blown like mine had, its 60p fix. PS this capactor is effectively the battery for the bike.
  5. I have a 2009 250 4T and I always use 900cc of 15-50, usually Motul 300V double esther, and have had no problems. PS the oil filter is a standard HF207 much cheaper than the Beta filter.
  6. keithns

    2009 Evo 4T Plastics

    I have 2011 plastics fitted to my 2009 EVO 4T, I didn't have to modify them to fit. Keith
  7. keithns

    Evo Shock Bearings,

    Hi I have searched the internet for these and the only thing available I can find is a bearing reference number GE12E (they are only £3.75+VAT), they are the right OD and ID but the wrong width, they are 7Wide OD and 10Wide ID. They might be worth a try.
  8. keithns

    Evo 2010 4 Stroke

    I have tonight dug the capacitor out of the wiring (for those who don't know where it is, its under the frame just to the left of the carb top, wrapped in adhesive tape) and it was blown, cost 60p for a new one which I had bought just in case and now bike appears to run perfectly will see if thats so at weekend
  9. keithns

    Evo 2010 4 Stroke

    Matt did you get this problem sorted out because I have exactly the same problem with my 4T
  10. Without a good clear wiring diagram it is making it very difficult to trace a problem I have with the bike, I think it is either the regulator or the capacitor that I have discovered tucked away inside the frame that may be the problem, If a wiring diagram is difficult to locate, it is impossible to find out any technical info like the output voltages etc from the regulator.
  11. Hi does anyone have a good quality wiring diagram for the Evo 4t or know were I can download a readable version, I have already been on Betamotor's website and on this forum and all the diagrams I've found are just as diabolical as the one in my manual, any ideas anyone ?.
  12. keithns

    Evo 2010 4 Stroke

    If it is your rectifier then its on top of the gear box on my 250 4t evo, I assume the 300 is in the same place.
  13. Try Westcountry Rewinds they sorted the stator out for a mate of mine at a reasonable cost.
  14. keithns

    Beta Evo Rear Brake

    Saturday finished off trying to sort rear brake, new pads and changed fluid, eventually got a good lever, what a pain to bleed the caliper, had to take it off and hold it above the master cylinder to get the air out, thought I had cracked the problem as brake seemed to work fine on the drive. Went to local trial on Sunday, first section I got to with a big downhill it didn't work again, but after getting a bit of mud etc in it and riding along with my foot on the pedal it seemed to bed in. Then I injured myself and had to retire after 2laps. After I got home and washed the bike it now appears to be not working again, so back to the drawing board.
  15. keithns

    Beta Evo Rear Brake

    Many thanks for the info, have stripped the the master cylinder and cleaned it out, although it appeared to be OK, have reassembled it and it works fine, caliper pistons seem to be free but still difficult to push back without cracking the bleed screw, anyway have fitted some new EBC pads, hope to get out this weekend and see if problem is cured. The caliper pistons are free but I think they could be freer, so have ordered some new seals so that I can strip the calipers next week. PS grumpyget I have in the past accidentally sprayed a disc with WD40 and that definately stops the brakes from working. Keith
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