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  1. http://www.trialscentral.com/events-calendar/eventdetail/175/-/north-lincs-classic-12th-august
  2. Great stuff......thats an observer sorted!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi, I'm from Hull and ride a Montesa 348. Come along to the North Lincs Classic on August 12th at North Willingham. 3 routes to choose from, great set of people and good banter.
  4. As above... Had some for a year bought from these guys as they a short drive away from where i live. Good boots, comfortable and fit my chunky legs so can't complain at all
  5. brind31

    Triumph Cub

    I will be there. Get her indoors to put the kettle on!!
  6. brind31

    Triumph Cub

    Hit it with a big hammer Dan!!! See Steve when we next riding he knows people/has all sorts of parts etc...
  7. brind31

    Rockshocks + 348

    Yes I am on there, posted a few pics on the group.
  8. brind31

    Rockshocks + 348

    Hi, just wondering if anybody here has had any experience with Rockshocks on a Cota 348. I am looking to upgrade and these are looking favorites due to the fact they are rebuildable and support seems to be very good from reports on here (also they look very nice) What are other people running with or recommend, the bike will be used on Clubman routes in classic trials. Thanks in advance
  9. Ahh good point. Good idea in theory, bad in practice. Oh well glad I asked before commiting now!! Cheers.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. I started with light gear oil in, on last oul changed i replaced it with ATF Dextron. This is a massive improvement over the light oil. I have read about people putting EP90 in may give that a try next. Thanks again for your help and advice.
  11. Has anybody tried removing a couple of springs from the clutch? I know it is likely to slip higher up the gears etc but should make the lever lighter to operate. Maybe a little slip would be good as mine is rather 'snatchy/grabby' when hot. Just wondered if anyone has tried it or anything like it before i commit. Cheers
  12. If you stuck for a press Al give me a shout or pop into Jag
  13. Hello all, joined the site a few weeks ago and been lurking in the background. Just bought myself a very tidy Montesa Cota 348 and have my first trial in a couple of weeks time. Any tips or advice on keeping my new pride and joy sunny side up will be greatly appreciated.
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