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  1. fabio

    315R Sump Guard

    Hi yes the sump guard is under tension, remove front bolts first, then rear ones. When rebuilding put front bolts in first ( just a few turns) then rear bolts. I did the same thing first time I removed it.
  2. fabio

    Montesa 315r What Year

    check frame number on headstock, count down ten digits that will tell you the year. ie 2002 = 2
  3. fabio

    2011 300 TXT pro?

    I have owned an 05 300 and an 07 280, and I would say the 300 was a lot easier and smoother to ride. The 280 is like an on/off switch, wheelspins too much and very easy to stall.
  4. fabio

    cracked rim

    Hi Andy think Cowm is closed this Sunday for British Trials round check their website
  5. fabio

    cracked rim