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  1. I've used this for well over a year now and had no side effects as yet. Great on the chain when used before riding and after a power wash. Nothing sticks to it. Often found in Home Bargains for as little as a quid!
  2. elite

    First Trial Experiences?

    Hart Village near Hartlepool. The year was 1980 and C Class was beckoning. Walked the sections with my brother and parents and remember being quite fazed by it all. I can also remember it taking what seemed like a week for the trial to start. I swear we must have arrived at about 5am for what was probably a 10am start time! All I wanted to do was get the first trial out of the way with as my nerves were shot to bits. Section 1 was where my TY80 Whitehawk turned in to a Sherman Tank because no matter how I rode it and how relaxed I tried to be that thing felt like it weighed about 16 tonnes. The rest was a blur, albeit a shortened one. It was a four lap trial and I only completed three. Not by choice though, I just forgot to do four! After that first schoolboy trial I knew what to expect and things definitely got a whole lot better after that rather nervous first step into trialdom. Stick at it. It gets easier/better and certainly gets a lot more fun. Confidence will come with time and remember, one step at a time. Find a short hill first, lean right back and let the bike do its stuff. Just be careful not to use too much front brake going downhill!
  3. elite

    Need A Front Rim For 2005 280 Pro Options?

    http://www.splatshop.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=front+wheel+rim and http://www.smprowheels.co.uk/sm-pro-platinum-wheel-gasgas-front-21-x-1-60-red-hub-silver-rim-red-nipples.html You may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere. I'm sure somebody with a bit more knowledge will have some suggestions.
  4. elite

    Need A Front Rim For 2005 280 Pro Options?

    I know you can buy the rims from splatshop but not sure on prices.
  5. elite

    My Son Has Just Bought A Jcm

    Looks like a 240 Europa model, my mate used to have one very similar to this (same stickers but with white front mudguard) which was a 1989 bike . If it is, it does have the early air cooled Gas Gas engine.
  6. elite

    125 Pro Clutch Drag

    Thanks lads. I was told to stay away from the ATF but there are so many divided opinions out there. I filled it to between half and two thirds on the sighting window so I may just try draining it again and refilling to just about half way to see if that cures it.
  7. elite

    Scott - 100 Years

  8. elite

    125 Pro Clutch Drag

    Hi all. Apologies if this has been covered before. We have had my sons 2005 125 Pro for a couple of months now and have recently done an oil change on it. I flushed out the old oil, overfilled the tank with fresh oil to give it a good swill, warmed it up and ran it through the gears before replacing it with the right amount of 75w. But, the clutch is dragging a bit now. Not all of the time but quite often it wants to keep moving forward. All worked spot on before the oil change. Have I used the wrong oil? If so what is the right for an early 125 Pro? Should I adjust the clutch or could there be another reason? Thanks in advance. I've been away from trials bikes for a few years so its a learning process once again for me too. Gary
  9. elite

    First Time Out

    Agree with you about the cost at Warden. It is good for teaching my son the basics and I will use it again for that but for your average intermediate rider it soon becomes boring. The man made obstacles are good for experts but a tad dangerous if you want to go to work in one piece the next day. I'm interested in having a look at Deanacres, haven't been there for many years. I will be joining Charltons and Croft in the new year though because I have plenty of cobwebs to blow away.
  10. elite

    All Our Yesterdays

    1980.......1980! Started off on an automatic Malaguti bought from Eddie Wrights in Leeds. Learnt to ride it along with my two younger brothers "blasting" over the sand dunes on Seaton Carew beach. Progressed to a new TY80 and we practiced on that at the old quarry that used to be near Tetleys in Eaglescliffe and on some land near the Tates farm in Swainby when we stayed in a relatives caravan there. Moved up to a Whitehawk and C class beckoned as did my first trial at Hart with Middlesbrough club. As the legs got longer I then had a Fantic 75, big shock to the system compared to the TYs! Had a good year in B class aboard a TY175 and was lucky enough to travel all over the country really enjoying my trials reaching its peak in 83 with Junior Kickstart (without success). Made many good friends and memories in schoolboy trials and I'm really grateful to my parents for all they did. Now? I'm 45 and my son, after a few years in motocross, now rides a 125 Gas Gas and puts a huge smile on my face. I will be back competing soon on the North East/Yorkshire scene and fully intend to enjoy it as much as I did as a young teenager. I just cant decide between a 250 modern or to go down the twinshock road. Long live trials!
  11. elite

    2005 User Manuals

    Thanks lads
  12. elite

    2005 User Manuals

    Hi all, I can't find any user manuals anywhere for the '05 125. Is the bike pretty much the same spec as the 2004 model hence no new manual released? Thanks in advance Gary
  13. Hi all. I realise this may be a bit late in the day but I have a few questions about the Middlesbrough DMC trial at Centre Farm, Battersby this afternoon. I want to take my kids to their first trial (I'm an ex trials rider off of the 1980/90's) and fancy this one at Battersby. Does anybody know how far the sections are from the parking area? I don't fancy a half hour walk to get to them...... . Also, how compact is the trial? Can we walk the whole of the sections with an eight year old in tow! Thanks in advance for any info any of you can give Gary
  14. elite

    Guisborough Motor Club

    WOW, some memories tied up in that photo Gaz! Mike Lannigan always turning up at events in his Dad's Beetle. I know he's not in the pic but Roger Pinder and his Italjet. Clarke's M/C's is an institute. Still remember when I was 11 pushing my TY up Yarm bank to the old premises next to the Bay and then all the way back home again. Aaah memories