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  1. I’m in a predicament I have a dented fork slider on my 05 montesa. From calling around today I cannot get a replacement in North America as they are on extended back order with no ETA. I need help figuring out who in the UK to call. I’m open to new or used part. Is there a big montesa dealer than might have one in stock? I was already given Mickey Oates as a possibly but they are closed all week for the holiday. I have an even in 2 weeks and I’d really like to find a solution. thank you.
  2. I dove into my winter maintenance today on my 05 4rt. I went to change the fork oil and noticed the spring leg was binding mid stroke. After I tore the fork down I found a small ridge from a dent in the lower slider. I know the proper course of action is to replace the slider. I’m not sure I can get the part. One online source says available in 2-3 days another says extended back order due to covid and no sort of timeframe. I’m in the US so it will likely me harder to find one. if I can’t get a replacement what are my options? I had the thought of using and exhaust pipe expander with hose clamps on the outside to support the leg to hopefully push the dent out enough without deforming the tube any further. im hoping I can get some options from my suspension guy on Monday. thanks.
  3. Since it the only month our trials club takes off I’m diving into some much delayed maintenance. I pulled the rear end apart and serviced the linkage and swing arm bearings they are in good shape for being ignored for 3 years and don’t need replacing for now. I going to have my Showa shock serviced my a local suspension tuner with lots of dirt bike experience but this is his first trials shock. Upon external examination he is pretty confident it won’t be too different from a Showa dirtbike shock. I’m only having him service the shock with new seals and oil. It’s 15 years old and likely has never been serviced. One thing I cannot find a spec for is oil weight. He assumed it was either 5 or 10 and the rebound circuit should be a big clue. I’m assuming it’s either 5 or 2.5 as it’s a trials bike and needs to stay bouncy. Thanks
  4. I want to run this by those who have done it already. My son's 36v 16 needs new batteries and spending $100US for 50lbs of lead seems silly. If I were to buy 4x 5s 25c 5800mah/5000mah hobby king packs with 2x 10s 60a BMS boards I can have a 10s2p 37v 11.6ah/10ah battery pack that will deliver the needed 40A current. I could simply split the 2 10s banks and charge with 2 cheap 42V2A ebike chargers. Correct? Thanks.
  5. I'm about to do the same thing with my son's 16. I have a couple questions. How much run time do you get from the 8000mah batteries? What C rating did you use? Are you running a bms or just charge when 1 led goes out?Do you charge parallel or series? thanks
  6. Replacing my levers to day I noticed the brake lever stop store is missing on my montesa. Anyone know what size thread this is? It looks like maybe an m9 but that's a pretty odd ball size. M8 nearly grabs the threads and won't hold the lever in place 10m doesn't fit. Thanks
  7. I recently ordered a couple Jitsie airfilters for my 05 4rt. It's pretty obvious that they don't use the stock mesh flame arrester, but to you use the top plastic frame or just put the bolts through the holes in the filter and call it good? I've been using the plastic holder and bolt holes in the filter are getting torn off. Thanks.
  8. I know this is an old topic but how have the bushing faired long term. I took my bearing sapart to lube today and 2of the 3 are trashed. I think a good bushing might be te answer especially sine I ride is lots of water and mud.
  9. I just double checked the torque spec and yes they have been over tighten by about 20%. I was confusing axel specs with my other bikes. Thanks guys.
  10. How long do rear wheel bearing last for you? I replace the one on my 4rt about 3-4 months ago with good quality skf bearings. Last night while I was installing a new sprocket I notices fhpse. Eating are already very notchy feeling, but there is any play yet. It seems to me they should last a whole lot longer. I mostly use the bike from trail riding. I would guess I have about 400 miles on these bearing. The have see their fair share of mud but never with more than a garden hose. I even Froze the bearing and heated the hub so I didn't need to use much effort to press them in when installed. Any thoughts? Thanks
  11. Yes there are 2ocal suspension shops that can custom wind anything I want as long as they have the required measurements.
  12. Thankfully this was easier and cheaper to fix than at first thought. It took longer to get the parts in hand than it did to actually get the bike rideable again. My pickup coil was the reason I wasn't getting spark or fuel. I assume the ECU didn't know the engine was even turning when I would kick it over. The only way to replace the pickup coil is to buy a complete stator assembly for $250-300. I really didn't want to have to do that since the knew the stator was good. I started scouring sources online for pickup coils only to find out there weren't very many. I did find this spec list for Eletrexworld.co.uk http://www.electrexworld.co.uk/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Pick_up_Coils_160.html that pointed me in the direction of what other bikes might have the same pickup. It ends up KTM sell their pickup coils as separate units for $68 new. Being a cheap ******* and not wanting to blow $70 on a hunch I found one on Ebay from a 04 450 exc. Once I had the KTM coil in hand it was almost identical to the stock unit except for the shape of the mounting plate to allow clearance for the stator wire hold down. A little file work and everything fit together perfectly. 2 kicks and it runs like a champ If anyone ever has this issue the KTM part that I used is 59039034000 PULSER COIL KOKUSAN 4K3-A/B which is used on almost all KTM singles from 98-05. I want to thank Dennis at OverlandTrial.biz and Don a Cascade Motorsports in Mission BC for letting me pick their brains and come to the conclusion that it was only the pickup coil and not something more complex.
  13. I got a chance to dive further into troubleshooting today. He good news is the fuel pump runs with an external power source. WIth everything connected except the R/R it still have no spark or squirt. I pulled the injector to verify there was no fuel. Going through all the steps in the manual everything checks out accept the pulse generator which reads as an open circuit. I haven't pulled the side cover yet to check the wiring, but that is the next step. Is there anything else that would cause no spark and no fuel? Is there a flow chart anywhere of how the FI system on there bikes work?
  14. I spent some time putting around the yard last night and the bike ran perfectly for an hour or so. I attempted to go for a ride today. When I got to the trail head as usual I went to start the bike to warm up. It started on the second kick like it normally does, but only ran for a few seconds and died. I tried resetting the ECU and disconnected the kill switch to no avail. When I got the back home I pulled the plug and I can't see any spark I tried a new plug and still no spark. The plug is pretty dry after a few kick overs and there isn't much fresh gas smell coming out of the plug hole when checking for spark. It was raining today and I transport the bike on a hitch hauler so I thought it might be water intrusion somewhere. I've gone through all the connectors around the R/R stack and coil. There's wasn't an excessive amount of water anywhere. the center pin of the BAS plug was a little corroded so I cleaned it up. I jumpered the outer 2 leads of the BAS and it didn't seem to make any difference. I pulled the BAS and is does rattle a little bit, but it also sounds like it filled with liquid. Is that normal? Am I jumpering it correctly Red/white to Green? Any other thoughts of what might be the cause? Thanks.
  15. I've considered the vmar top clamp but I want to hold off dumping too much money into the bike until I have more peg time on it. I'd rather spend $200 on new springs first. Right now my goal is to get it set up and rideable then figure out what needs changing. Ican get the drz bars for less than $50 so it is my cheapes option and will get me in the neighborhood of where I think I want to be.
  16. I got a good deal on 05 4RT a couple weekends ago. I haven't had much chance to ride since picking it up, but hope to change that real soon.
  17. I've searched around and haven't found many specific answers for my questions so I want to start a thread to serve as a resource from this point forward. First a little about me. I'm 6'6" (2m) tall, tip the scales at 240lbs (108kg) and am new to trials bikes. My main purpose for a trials bike will be trail riding and eventually I might try my hand at a few trials. On all my other bikes one of the first things I've always had to do right off the bat is resping my bikes for my weight. From what I've seen most trials bike's stock setup is for a 80kg (176lbs) rider. Should I expect to need springs that are 35% stiffer than stock for the bike to ride correctly with a rider of my size? Sourcing the springs is easy and I the guy that has done my other bikes can get just about anything custom wound for about the same price as off the shelf springs. Secondly ergos. I know I'm going to need to do something about the bar height. For pure trials riding I understand the reasons you might not want higher bars, but after riding a borrowed gas gas that had not been set up for a tall rider not only was it extreme uncomfortable, but it was quite difficult to see up the trail being so bent at the waist. Since I have a Montesa adding bar risers isn't an easy or cheap alternative because of the angled handlebar clamps. What make a trials bend bar trials specific? From looking at bar specs it appears that most trials bars are relitively flat for their given rise with little pull back. Meaning the "up" bend makes up about 70-75% of the total rise of the bars leaving the ends close to level. On my other bikes I've found the Pro Taper Contour ATV High works quite well. It has 55mm of sweep and 121mm total rise, but only 70mm up bend so the other 50mm is made up in the angle of the grips. Would this be good or bad? I've also found the Pro Taper DRZ 110 ben bars are pretty close to the trials ratio 143mm total rise 123mm "up" bend and 44mm sweep. I'm leaning towards this bar since it's closer to a true 6" trials bar than Renthals 6" bar that no one in the USA seems to carry anymore. Am I on the right track here? What else should I know? Thanks.
  18. Howdy all I wanted to introduce myself before asking a bunch of questions that I likely been asked before. My name is Brian Jones and I hail from Seattle, WA USA. To date only ridden trials bikes a few times and I'm hooked. I'm looking for one to use more as a trail bike than competing, but who know what the future holds. Hopefully I'll be buying one before spring.
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