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  1. I had a similar problem on my Beta TR34. The rebound on early forks isn't great. I tried various things but in the end settled on heavier oil and it stopped the top out.
  2. Thanks for the reply and info. Cheers
  3. Does anyone have the (original) correct rear shock length for a 1989 TR34C? Thanks
  4. agricon

    Zero Motoplat

    Hi, Im not sure this helps but........ I have a Campionato and recently had ( or so i thought) an issue with the ignition. I obtained another stator fitted it and kicked it over with the plug resting on the head to check the spark. There was no visible spark even though i was in the garage where the lighting is not brilliant. Felling rather fed up i checked the connections and wiring etc but found nothing. I eventually put the plug back in and tried it. It started and has continued to do so. Maybe worth trying for what its worth.
  5. agricon

    Which Carb?

    Hi I have recently purchased a 1989 Tr34 Campionato. The carb has been changed from the original dellorto PHBH26TD to a Mikuni VM26 (I'm unsure if it genuine or a copy). The bike runs ok at low speeds through sections but when the throttle is opened up for a climb or the tackle a larger obstacle it seems to bog down. Checked the plug and it is black and sooty.I have stripped the Mikuni and checked it over, the plan was to put a rebuild kit in it but soon found that the pilot and main jets have been messed with. For example the main jet said it was a #87.5 but it was way bigger than that. like wise the pilot has been increased in size over the stated #20. This was done by comparing with new jets I had. I believe in or around 1990/91 Beta fitted a Mikuni VM26-208 carb to the bikes instead of the Dellorto so i would like to know if the VM26-208 carb is available (I can only find a VM26-606)and what is the difference between the 606 and the 208? Or would I be better off getting a new Dellorto PHBH 26SD as an alternative? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Mike Thanks for the offer. I have ordered a recon kit and some jets for the Mikuni so I will try to get it running right with this carb. Once (if) I can get it running better at the top end I will then consider what to do from there. Will see you this weekend if your riding:-) Andy
  7. Hi Mike I did think about that but wasn't sure about the jetting. Do you think they would be the same?
  8. Hi rgvlc thanks for the info. The bike has a Mikuni on it now but I as I am unsure of its history (I have recently bought the bike). It isn't running properly and the carb looks very old so I'm just deciding whether to replace it with another Mikuni or go back to the original Dellorto.I don't suppose you know what setup (jets, neddle etc) was used as standard on the Mikuni's do you? Thanks
  9. Hi Can anyone recommend a replacement carburettor for a 270cc TR 34 Campionato? Thanks
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