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  1. My son's 16.0 24v. has a lot of friction in the forward direction and even more friction in the other direction. The bike works well, but because of the extra friction the batteries are drained after half an hour. Has anyone opened the electric motor to replace the bearings ? Thanks.
  2. efi64


    I have some more questions regarding the 2001 ignition system. Is the sparkplug cable replacable ? It doesn't seem to want to move out of the coil. Is it possible to replace the copper cable with a ceramic cable ?
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    Thanks, I missed that.
  4. efi64


    Hi, I have a 2001 TXT 280 (not PRO). Does anyone know the ignition stator OHM values ? Thanks
  5. efi64

    Ernie Page

    I have seen Ernie's name and David's name here in the Forums a number of times. In 1992 I lived in Edinbourgh and had the honour of knowing and riding with both of them. Does anyone know how is Ernie doing these days ?
  6. If the Big wheel 80 is the same size as a full size trials bike, then I should probably look for a Beta 80 Junior. This should be much smaller, should'nt it ?
  7. Can anyone post a picture of a big wheel 80 standing besides a full size Trials bike ? I want to get an idea of the size of a 80 (never seen a 80 in person). My 9 year old son is getting too big for his OSET 16.0, but the 80 might be too big for him. Thanks.
  8. I also think it has more to do with with suspension characteristics and rider technique than it is with power. I think the front fork is too stiff for his weight. He can't compress it with the bike static. Has anyone tried to open the Forks ? Two third of their length is empty, so I am wandering if they have any springs ?! Maybe elastomers ?
  9. Has anyone gone from 24v to 36v ? My son is 8 and has been riding his 16.0 24v for more then 2 years. He rides well but finds it hard to lift the front wheel. Does the 36v. have much more torque making it easier to lift the front wheel ? Thanks.
  10. efi64

    1999 Easy 290

    Hi, I am looking for clutch friction plates and springs for a 1999 Easy 290. Does anyone know where can I buy these items ? I e-mailed Birkett, but got no answer,
  11. I am assembling a 2006 GasGas Pro 280 which was imported in parts. I have a few questions concerning the electrical parts situated near the steering stem. There are two black wires coming out of the Thermostatic switch, to what are they connected ? The DC rectifier for the Fan has two yellow wires coming out of it, where are they connected ? Is the coil situated on the right side of the frame opposite the CDI ? I have checked in www.trialspartsusa.com/tech.html but they have different colored wires in their wiring diagrams. The bike has a Kokusan electric system. Thanks.
  12. Here is a link to a magazine comparison between the WR250, T-ride and the Sy 250F. Anyone with good enough French to translate the article ? What interests me is whether the T-ride has the Sy 250F Cams, Carburator, Flywheel and gearing or is it closer to the WR engine wise ? http://www.scorpa.fr/uploads/revues/french...ovembre2007.pdf
  13. Endurocross It is interesting that Trial bikes are doing so well in a speed race against Enduro and MX bikes. Maybe they are modifying their suspension to cope with the higher speed ? The T-ride seems ideal for this type of event...
  14. efi64

    Older Vs Newer

    Yep, a big difference. Hopefully in 2008 I'll upgrade by a decade to a 4-stroke Scorpa !
  15. efi64

    Older Vs Newer

    Wow ! Yesterday I rode a 4RT. There is a very big difference between it's suspension and the suspension on my old Scorpa Easy !!
  16. Any sugestions on good Trial Schools in Europe that include their bikes ? Thanks.
  17. efi64

    Sy 175f

    Actually, by extreme I didn't mean extreme obstacles ! I was trying to describe off-road riding in virgin terrain - no trails. The T-ride is interesting but what we ride is very tight terrain with lots of rocks and ledges so a real trial bike seems a better choice.
  18. efi64

    Sy 175f

    OK, I'll rephrase. Which Scorpa would be best for trail riding for intermediate riders, the SY250F, the SY250 or the SY175F ?
  19. efi64

    Sy 175f

    Hi ! I am thinking of buying a new Sy175. I ride an old Scorpa Easy 290 which I ride off-road (up virgin mountains etc.) and I have a few concerns: -Are there ever heating problems with the air cooled engine? -Does it have enough power to go up steep and long uphills ? -I am used to attacking all obstacles in third gear with low revs, with this bike do you need to be constantly in first gear and rev the bike ? -Is it more difficult to attack ledges with a short run before the obstacle compared to a large two-stroke trial bike ? -Is this bike a good choice for extreme off-road riding (no trails) in hot climate (Israel) ? Thanks, Efi
  20. Hi, I am having problems with cold foul plugs. When hot, the bike never fouls a plug. The Pilot Jet is 35 (Keihin). Any ideas how to fix this problem ? Thanks
  21. After that eventful ride in the rain the bike doesn't want to start properly!? I have cleaned the carburetor and the air filter. I have even replaced the gas in the gas tank, but the bike only starts after about 100 kicks! After I get it started and cleaned up from being flooded up by so many kicks it works properly and starts on the first kick, but if it cools down for an hour, again it's impossible to start !? There is a spark on the plug, gas reaches the plug, and compression seems normal, the ignition coils were dry after the rainy ride. What am I missing? Anyone has any idea?
  22. Thanks, I'll try different types of fuels, although in general the fuel here is not so high quality.
  23. So, there is no way to prevent this ? Maybe insulate the the upper part of the carb ?
  24. Thanks for all your answers. I checked everything that was mentioned here, and the only places that that could have let water into the slide is the throttle cable or water in the tank. I hope that next time in the rain there won't be a problem
  25. That's what is weird, I didn't cross any deep water. I found water on the slide but nowhere else on the carb. Filter was dry and vent pipes not clogged. As for carb freezing, it doesn't get that cold in this area of Israel (usually hot as hell)
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