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  1. does anyone have or know anywhere where i can get a end can for my 2002 derbi senda. preferably a cheap one!
  2. I would definately pay a fiver or more for the wristband as sadly i missed out on getting one last year! Will it be posted as soon as the decision is made?
  3. Will i be able to buys tickets and camping when i get there, im worried if i order them that they will arrive late. i know i should have go them ages ago but i havent had any money! if anyone can give me an answer then please write back. cheers
  4. nathan_hfd


    hawkstone was amazing, im still waiting on my photos to b developed. such a brilliant track, im currently appearing on shropshire local tv sat in a tree behind a bloke on the hawkstone clip saving up money now for hawktone park in july wen the trials is back home again, i also had a chance to speak to Steve Colley and he sed fingers crossed for the return of the wye valley traders road trial
  5. best bet is to go out and ask local land owners thats wot i dun in hfd and i found a small quarry which the local farmer sed i cud use. just try and get some contacts m8, good luk, i was lookin for a while b4 i found any, dont ure local trials club have fun days or practise days?
  6. i was born on friday 13th and it aint made no difference to me! i think!! crap rider too!!
  7. Anyone know where i could get a good deal on a new lid. Cheap aswell!!!!!
  8. Are you riding the aprilia sunday. Cos that's the bike im riding. Are you going up on the saturday to help set up the sections and plus get a sneaky peek of what you have to ride?
  9. If, no, When we get the nationals back we are bound to get the riders for it. It's such a good trial. Ill see you sunday. MY 1st COMP!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i was only spectating, but the trial was amazing. i really liked the sections that had been set up. BRING BACK THE NATIONAL ROAD TRIAL TO THE WYE VALLEY. After the trial i was shown the coombe step and hermit lane. The sections would be immense if we got the trial back. Any one else agree????????
  11. nathan_hfd


    Hi. Im nathan and i would like to thank the site for the brilliant tent at hawkstone park. Cant wait to see you there next year. ROLL ON 2006.
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