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  1. This is frame number 8304175 just before I sold it in 2013
  2. Any one here know how to identify a villiers engine type? Looks like an 8e from what i can gather Numbers stamped on the engine as follows 618A 1497. Cheers in advance
  3. Anyone here know the oil capacity per fork leg on a ty 175? Im too tight to buy a manual....
  4. pitley

    Date Clashes

    Rode the greensmith sammy round last year after a long lay off, had a great days sport, shame the series is down to 7 rounds this year.
  5. Just incase anyone thought the weather may have forced us to cancel the trial, it hasnt, see you tommorrow
  6. pitley

    The Magicals?

    Cant go wrong with falcons, had them 7 years on my 250 majesty, got betor alloy ones on my 200 majesty, these shocks feel just as good as the falcons
  7. Just get rid of the flywheel weight, did the trick for me
  8. Just doing the seals on my lads bike. Anyone know how much oil to put in 38mm paioli forks? Cheers in advance
  9. Thanks john. The gearbox i spoke of above still has my name on it, so hopefully it should have the correct mainshaft, just on the lookout now for ajs/matchless middle and outer casings. Regards Andy
  10. ok will do, thanks again mick
  11. Thanks Mick. Had the chance of a GB 39 friday but was unsure, now i am. So the main case is a standard piece with interchangeable middle and end casings.
  12. Anyone know the correct GB gearbox model number to use in an ariel build? Sold my last ariel about 9 years ago, but im pretty sure it was a GB 26 gearbox ?? Cheers in advance
  13. pitley


    Tricky micky will put you right on clutches jon
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