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  1. But desperately sad news to pass away that young - RIP
  2. Don't think Ulf ever won the scottish
  3. Hi Send me a mail at rbamford@prestolite.com and I'll send you details of the combinations I've tried. I bought a set of jets etc from Motocarb and it made the bike run worse. I bought my carb from Dave Renham at Inmotion. I wouldn't have thought there was that much difference between yours and the Gripper
  4. Hi - I've tried the VM26 on a 250 Gripper but just can't get it running how I think it should run. Send me a mail and I'll let you know the combination of jets I've tried. Where did you get the carb from? Cheers Rob
  5. rob b


    Would appreciate assistance from anyone who has fitted a Mikuni VM26 to a 250 Ossa Gripper. Have tried a number of main & pilot jets, needle sizes etc without real success in getting the bike to run right.
  6. Steve - Thanks for the tip. i have sorted out the air filter issue by obtaining some 45mm silicon tube and then making up an adapter to fit the airfilter to the 45 mm tube. However I have hit another snag. The mixture screw is on the right hand side looking down on the carb and it is totoally blocked off by the front right hand side of the air box. I am considering either drilling a large hole through the airbox an putting a tube throught hole so I can access the mixture screw or completely cutting off the right habd side as it doesn't seem to do much. I was wondering if you had the same problem - cheers Rob.
  7. Hi Ian I have rebuilt a Gripper engine and replaced the main bearings, drop me a line, robert.bamford400@ntlworld.com
  8. Cheers Steve - Rob Bamford
  9. Many thanks, have ordered one myself now.
  10. I have just bought a Mikuni carb for my 250 Ossa Gripper. I hadn't realised that the air filter side is 44 mm dia compared to 52 mm dia on the Amal and therefore the standard airfilter won't fit. I do have the ability to make up a spacer ring but I was wondering whether there was an 'off the shelf' solution - hoping someone might be able to help,
  11. I fitted a GasGas front mudguard to my 2013 2T Evo. I had to chop off around 50mm from the rear as it was fouling on the exhaust but that might not be a problem on the 4T. The GG mudguard fits straight on, is cheaper and much less prone to breaking.
  12. I know its being pedantic but I think part of the problem is how they have defined the new set up. 'No stop' sort of suggests that if the bike is moving (i.e. being hopped from side to side etc) its ok. In the 'old days' you had to maintain forward motion within the section. By defining it as 'No Stop' I think they are giving the riders a get out clause. Fuji did clearly stop momentarily in both sections. Being an old codger the wrong side of 50 who never learnt the art of hopping (or any sort of art) I do hark back to the old days but I have to admit I don't think these new rules will solve anything. If the aim is make it more of a level playing field I think they need to look at the spec of the bikes, maybe try different tyres or something like that.
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