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  1. Thanks for the info my 55 year young back is adjusting better to more peg time. starting to relax a little bit more seems to help and bending knees is something I am working on.just trying to relax more it's harder than it looks for sure but very fun and challenging I'm also going to adjust bars a little bit more up try that and see how that feels . Like I said more I'm riding it the less tight I feel I think that was some of back pain it is easing up . Also want to switch from my MX boots to trials boots seems like everyone recommends that for moving on pegs thanks again guys
  2. He guys im still wet behind the ears i have been practicing in back yard tight turns ,off cambers and small logs after about 20 min lower back burns feels strained was wondering is that normal (just started riding it daily ) will bar risers help im 6 2 on a Techno or would a brace help or just toughen up and work through it Thanks guys
  3. thanks i would feel better using the proper oil what weight oil in the forks would a good starting place be thanks
  4. thanks for the reply didn't know it was a 1997 the guy told me wrong said it was 98. what about the forks some one said ATF fluid was the way to go as well as for the clutch as well . I'm wanting to replace all the fluids and oil and how is the best way to flush coolant thanks
  5. it has typical clutch issue rear brake seems decent I'm all ears any helpful info or tips would appreciate it thanks Im a fly weight at 260 Lbs. on a good day. how should i set up suspension front and back thanks I'm a rookie by the way
  6. ss426a

    1997 Beta Techno

    Just got this any experience with one I'm all ears i know rear brake not the best and the typical clutch issue any helpful pointers be much appreciated
  7. ss426a

    My new Find

    Montesa 349
  8. i have been messing with my levers to ingage my clutch with one finger smashing them and on the brake the same way should i adjust them so they ingage farther from the grip right now the lever fully squeezed to work . plus alot of operator error (not alot of adjustment for that )
  9. when lugging around in 1st gear every now and then it kicks out of gear for no reason i am new to trials and when it happens with my lack of ability can you say like monkey on a football i need no more distractions LOL do i need to adjust something ...thanks
  10. ss426a

    Montesa 349

    this is a 80 model
  11. i relized that after i posted it : ) http://www.ktm-parts.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=FRSP2438#.UZWtfpVCcRF
  12. is this what your talking about http://store.powerbandracing.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=18729+WM
  13. Yea my Photography Studio has been at the foot of the Russell/Ironton Bridge since 1996 i use to cruise Ironton back in the mid 80's
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