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  1. Fair enough some interesting points there I have a xlite on the rear and whatever the Michelin model is on the front. I'll keep well away from the irc's if that's the case thanks for the pointer, I'll try 3.5 and 5.5 next time I'm out in the wet
  2. So as I understand it bench mark tyre pressure is 4 in the rear and 6lb in the front. People have told me to drop the pressure in the rear to as much as 2lb in the wet to aid traction but no lower because tyre may come off of rim, I can notice there is more traction with the lower pressure but also notice the back doesn't lift of the ground as easy on a de weight manoeuvre over a twig or pebble! So tyre pressure is part of compression and rebound. Then there's the front what do people drop that to in the wet? Any advice or theories appreciated. Cheers
  3. Like lineaway says you need air tools or a fit for purpose impact driver and buy the time you buy it you could have got it done for as much if not less, unless you want to do it of course then that's another matter! when I attempted splitting my cases I couldn't undo the clutch basket nut or the primary drive bolt by hand and had to take it to a shop. I was quoted £400 by one trials shop with engine out, fly wheel, top end and inner clutch case off! I ended up getting it done in a motocross shop for £70 with me supplying the parts. Again like lineaway says If you do go for it yourself don't take the top end off before the primary drive bolt or you have to hold the con rod back as your undoing it, not pretty!
  4. I would find somewhere to practice first as stated already some clubs versions of easy don't really cater for the absolute begineer and getting between sections can be harder or require more bottle than the sections there selves. I would also get the basics down first like popping the front wheel up as required and being confident up and down hills before you move on to a event. You don't want to put your self off. Good luck.
  5. Yes I was referring to the counter, I would have said this site does a lot to encourage people into and to keep with the sport when people are struggling with mechanical issues ect that need to be done for love, both of those certainly apply to me. With every bit of content it gets better. Thanks
  6. Am I right in thinking that TC has broken its personal best for number of users on line this evening, cant be a bad thing for the sport or economy. if I'm right!
  7. I maybe able to help you Lewis. I have the xcite kit off of matt gardiner and its sound especially for £55 inc p&p. There's two practice grounds I use, a place near Pensford or the Zona1 trials ground, Nettleton Quarry, in the Gloucester region. I'll be practicing one night this week at one of them so if you want to come along and have a look message me on here and I'll send you my number.
  8. I'm with nelly, but you could get the benefits of a 09 Evo for around the upper estimate which is what I would do if I had my time again. good luck.
  9. southwester

    Exhaust Leak

    If it's a sloppy fit your o rings might be due for renewal?
  10. Glen Helen's back in the line up and looking as nasty as ever! Not the days of MC, Emig, Lusk, Henry ect dogging it out for the win but the second moto got pretty good at the end and the pass was crystal clean. I wish they would of stayed with the gopro camera at the beginning of the second moto and how flat out is that straight! Full footage at. http://www.promotocross.com/
  11. Sounds like your well hooked, what are you going to do next week sell the TV and DVD player! You'll be able to judge how bad your problem is by how much you lost on the goped, so what it's cost you in real terms.....
  12. Small world hoodie! Hahaha Not to sure I've written anything to offensive reading my post back I said I might of found the reason you as is turns out sold the pipe on but it seems it wasn't right unless your offended by me referring to you as a bloke when you might be a women! Sorry for which ever it is and I shall be more sensitive with my posting in future! The pipe is mint though and please leave me good feed back on my purchase Cheers
  13. Also any suggestions about the possibility of re fixing this would be appreciated... Locktite the remaining 2 fixing's is what I'm thinking unless I go to major trouble.
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