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  1. For lower bearing, best find someone with a press. It need 3 to 6 ton to move. See process here:


    Or you can cut the bearing with a dremel. Be carefull to not damage the stem

    Or you can weld some scrap metal to the beaging race and hammer it while hot. 

    Any method, take care of the threads on stem.

    Outer races go out easily with a long chisel.

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  2. This practice (removing bearing with a drift off center) move bearing crocked what on long therm enlarge hub diameter.

    Jitsie make a wheel bearing extractor that solve this issue and is able to remove Rear wheel bearing since spacer id is smaller than bearing id.


  3. To retard the timming, you need to rotate de plate same direction flywheel rotates.

    Flywheel nut is veery tight. You will need a impact wrench. Mark nut and axle with a chisel. So, you will know how much you should tighten on reasembly to keep same tension.

    Lack of torque in this nut can cause sheared key

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