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  1. Be careful with WD40. All small particles you breathe will stay inside your lungs forever....
  2. Sherco had (or still have not sure) different levers from others with same model master cylinder. The pivot point in sherco give more leverage than others. So the lever should be specific for sherco's
  3. Check if disc is bend. If not drive bike while holding brake. When hot, pour water in caliper area. Should work.
  4. Jitsie sell one dedicated for removing and installing trials wheel bearings
  5. Not tightening this nut with proper torque is one of the reasons why sometimes wodruff key shear.
  6. Yes, can be repaired
  7. Yes, like mentioned above, dellorto come with a intake filter. Keihin not and it is a good isurance fit one.
  8. Seems like this kind of flywheel https://www.steahlyoffroad.com/pub/media/wysiwyg/gray-instructions.pdf
  9. All balls kit come with this seal for lower bearing
  10. 016.D30 Leonelli.pdf this is what I got
  11. If radiator was full filled, some has to escape there
  12. Try it. If you feel like your socket will strip the hex, tri with another socket (the ones six sided are better than these star shaped. And you can grind the chamfrer off to have more contact area)
  13. You will need to disasembly in this order: Front brake, front wheel, forks and then triple clamps. Then, press stem out bottom triple clamp. The one I removed took 6tons. Good time to put new bearings.
  14. 3 rear tank shercos and one Jgas...guess which one needed a carb check after river? https://www.instagram.com/p/B-2wnn5hzaS/?igshid=1c8r7vstetllt
  15. ShercoTorqueSettings.pdf torque values
  16. Sherco clutch_disc_replacement_manual.pdf clutch disc replacement
  17. Sherco water_pump_seal_replacement.pdfwater pump seal replacement
  18. sherco_top_end_maintenance_manual.pdftop end
  19. sherco_engine_teardown_and_assembly_manual.pdf RYP manual for engine tear down
  20. It is not as bad as picture formed in my mind after reading this. Yes, frame will have a smash from triple clamp contact. If it is too scary, it will need weld repair. If not, fit a pvc pipe section over it. Front brake and clutch(oem Formula) isn't good. Try negotiate a price discount. So, after all, if it bother you, you can change them. Good reliable motor, modern good front forks, tubeless rear wheel, easy parts availability, light manobrable front end....sherco bikes have beeing evoluting and 7 years will show improvement for sure.
  21. Nice. no worn out bearings. Check your clutch. (Water can unglue discs friction material).
  22. There are a good how to from RYP USA. Clutch holder aren't needed if you have a impact wrench (good for flywhhel nut too) or if you jam the gears with a rag or something like.
  23. Put a quality nut on it https://www.splatshop.co.uk/steering-stem-nut-m24-x-1-0-blue.html
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