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  1. MTB helmets are evoluting in almost daily bases....trial helmets are the same over the years....maybe is time to change....
  2. Very small motor but it was underpowered comparing with others 4t
  3. cascao

    Engine Flush

    Cheap ATF oil. Change it after it get white or pink
  4. Rear sprocket size will be a good start point
  5. cascao

    Bike heating

    Leonelli has a light indicator fot engine temperature. Help a lot if you are cruising on open trails/roads since trials bikes suffer from this kind of ride.
  6. TXT owners can replace their tank with the contact one that hold one extra liter. I use the Hebo 1l auxiliary front tank an love. I can't feel it. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ck6FKa8uefG/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  7. For lower bearing, best find someone with a press. It need 3 to 6 ton to move. See process here: https://flic.kr/p/2jhxS16 Or you can cut the bearing with a dremel. Be carefull to not damage the stem Or you can weld some scrap metal to the beaging race and hammer it while hot. Any method, take care of the threads on stem. Outer races go out easily with a long chisel.
  8. This practice (removing bearing with a drift off center) move bearing crocked what on long therm enlarge hub diameter. Jitsie make a wheel bearing extractor that solve this issue and is able to remove Rear wheel bearing since spacer id is smaller than bearing id.
  9. If your scorpa has tech forks:
  10. This spark plug look too white (learn) for me. Brown ir the gold spot. Had this spark plug for how long? If you rode few hours with this one, you need bigger jets.
  11. cascao


    Mechanix gloves work too
  12. To retard the timming, you need to rotate de plate same direction flywheel rotates. Flywheel nut is veery tight. You will need a impact wrench. Mark nut and axle with a chisel. So, you will know how much you should tighten on reasembly to keep same tension. Lack of torque in this nut can cause sheared key
  13. You need a TRS X track https://trsmotorcycles.com/motocicleta47_trrs-xtrack-one-2021-new
  14. The oil my ST had less drag was with motul transoil.
  15. In fact it is not the cap that is green. The rubber under the cap that is green when mineral oil is used. (Mostly) You can double check with a drop in water: 1 dot oil mix well with water and turn white. 2 mineral oil floats
  16. If you know nothing about motorcycles, go to the less risk and buy the newer.
  17. Main plug failture root cause is rich carb
  18. Bought from parker store downtown. Others seal and hydraulic gasket stories can have these seals too.
  19. Seems ok to me. If it is normal, sound should keep average the same as time goes If there a problem, it probably will get worst and worst. So, give bike a good ride, have fun and hope everything will be fine
  20. No misteries rebuilding these standard shocks
  21. Kerosene is greath for filter cleaning
  22. Had you looked at dremel 90 degree attachment?
  23. Mark the nut and axle relative position first. Than remove nut with a impact gun Change seal Reinstall nut with impact gun untill marks realign again. This way proper tigtening is garanted
  24. cascao

    2021 GP models?

    there was some rumors about aluminium frame....
  25. This weight is a personal preference and you can experiment what work better
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