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  1. fan problem beta techno 98

  2. All you have to do is put the 2 wires together that go to thermostat and fan will run constant or get a switch on the bars like i have done easy simple option
  3. Yea the filler bottle dont get warm .. left it running for bit and the water in the tank was cold and pipes where warm
  4. Yea it was fine before i drain it . Yes pumped the pipes to get it through went out and found it was bulding up with pressure so air locked
  5. Had to drop the coolent out of the bike for mantanence and now ive done that the water system keeps bulding up with air /pressure any tips or tricks to bleedin the coolant system thanks as i never had problem with it before
  6. griff666

    Beta Techno

    Yea mains have play so gonna have them done and seals
  7. All electrics striped i found the main plug had a bit of green on one of the connetions cleaned all connections and the bike runs mint still gonna have the mains done also the piston and all gaskits first as last as i love the bike and ant getting rid of it thanks all for your help
  8. Striped all electrics clean all connections onna get new woodruff key and see what happens shops are closed till tues so im gonna have to wait
  9. griff666

    Beta Techno

    The faces on flywheel are fine the key i removed last was a nightmare and also the new one was a nitemare to re install tight fit but run fine forfew hours then started to missfire tonight now ive cleaned all connections . And gt85 everything ill try the grinding paste see if that will make a diff thanks
  10. griff666

    Beta Techno

    But the other point is why is it killing keys if it runs wen fitting new one ??
  11. griff666

    Beta Techno

    No not try kill switch but i fitted a new one . Loads of compression and the stator cant be advace or retarded as its not adjustable like others ive seen im gonna try another key and see wa happens thanks
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