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    Used on easy course by over 60s rider (when not injured!) Great condition Water pump guard Future case guard Airbox mud guard H and D racing ( rrp £110) Serviced by off road moto every 10 hours Bomb proof bike which will last years Best 4RT we've had £4000 Ono

    4,000.00 GBP

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    2021 Beta Evo 300cc 2 Stroke Road registered Runs and rides super smooth Gear box oil replaced often and clean air filter every ride Fully guarded from new Includes upgraded rear mud flap and silicone hose Lanyard kill switch it’s done approximately 6 trials and not getting used. Perfect to get out on all the summer trials. The 300 Evo is much more forgiving than other 300s. (Hard rock pegs not included and will be replaced with original pegs in new condition) £5200 ovno.

    5,200.00 GBP

  3. My plastic radiator cover came loose this weekend. Does anyone know where to get the plastic screws that are used to secure the plastic grill cover to the radiator? Many thanks in advance.
  4. evo

    4rt oil change

    Thanks for the advice guys. I think its probably one of those things that sounds like a pain in the a*** but once you've seen it been done it becomes easy. I've heard some people don't take the sump guard off and simply lie the bike on its side to drain the oil out. Has anyone got experience of this?
  5. evo

    4rt oil change

    I’m wanting to learn the most efficient way of changing the oil on my 4rt. Taking it to the bike shop is getting expensive! Has anyone ever done a video? This is the first thing YouTube has ever let me down! Im hoping to learn the tips and tricks of the trade to make it as easy as possible. Thanks in advance.
  6. evo

    4rt water pump case

    Thanks 'the addict' - I've emailed him.
  7. evo

    4rt water pump case

    That guard looks spot on! Thanks
  8. evo

    4rt water pump case

    Hi All, I smashed my my water pump case on a trial. Does anyone know who would stock them in the U.K? googling water pump case came up with loads of different guards. Does anyone know which ones are most useful? The carbon effect ones don't look like they will stand up to much! Thanks
  9. evo

    4Rt Lighting Kit

    I've recently bought a 4RT and it came with a fantastic lighting kit which has never been used! I've searched the internet to get some idea of value. It is a original Honda and has a screen on the back, presumably for hours/miles/etc. There is also handle bar indicators. Does anyone know who supplies them so I can get an idea of price. I had my first ride out last night on the 4RT and I'm a convert.
  10. evo

    Rear Brake Bleeding Issue

    Bounce, I'm having the same issue with my 2012 evo. Have you managed to fix it yet? I have tried bleeding the rear brake twice and still had no luck. There is no pressure in the foot pedal and it does not move the calipers at all. Thanks
  11. evo

    Which Bike For

    Went for a EVO 2012. Only had it out to tootle around the yard so far but seems great. I need to tweak the suspension set up to how I like it. It is currently super soft and I like a bit more spring. How common is the problem of the sticky float in the carburettor? Thanks for the advice!
  12. evo

    Which Bike For

    I'm not the sort of guy tht could fix one up either! Am I right in thinking betas hold their value better?
  13. I've just sold my Beta Evo 250 2009 which I thought was a cracking bike. I was thinking of going for a newer 2012 Beta Evo, again 250 2stroke. Are there any problems that I should know about? After replacing my frame on the 2009 model I want to avoid another problem like that. All I want is a reliable bike that will start when I want it to - is another make better? I had a 97 gas gas before that and that was a pain to start. I thought about getting a Scorpa 250 before the 09 Evo. What ever I go for will not be ridden hard (well not for a couple of years yet) Thanks
  14. Sawtooth I've done exactly what you said. A bike shop has it at the minute and I will ask him to service it and have a general look over it. I will then have a base to go off. I'm hoping to pick bits and bobs up from going to trials events. I've had bikes on and off for 20 years so i'm not a complete stranger to very small simple issues. Hopefully it will just be a simple issue which can be fixed easily and cheaply. My goal is to become competent at working with my bike to save taking it to a shop all of the time plus the expense of paying someone else to do it. I bought a 2 stroke because I thought it would be easiest to learn the ropes with. I'm definitely not afraid of a spanner thats for sure!
  15. I've had another go at the bike. On Wednesday I took the spark plug out and it was fine and I checked the fuel lines which were also fine. I took the carb out and looked at it and thought I don't really want to mess with this so it all went back together - By some miracle the bike started and I managed to have a half hour play before it stopped again and I had to ride it home. I've gone to go out again every day since and it will start for about 5 seconds and then stop and not start again. v frustrating! Any suggestions?
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