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  1. on mine the noise changes when i pull the clutch in, what could it be?
  2. itstommmm

    Bike Wont Start

    Plug is getting wet though
  3. no I cant and to get it started again I have to kick the sh*t out of it full throttle for a few minutes
  4. i know it has fuel because plug is getting wet after lots of kicks. how do i know if its stator or ht coil
  5. its fairly hard to start with throttle and wont start at all (i think) without throttle,once i get it started and it starts first kick after you get it started first. but after bike runs for about 5 minutes it cuts out and you cant rev it to stop cutting out. Im think it could be one of the following: stator/coils not enough fuel or too much not enough air or too much none of the jets are blocked and exhaust middle box was recently de-coked. Bike has spark.
  6. itstommmm

    Bike Wont Start

    i have removed air filter and airbox, got it started and it starts first kick after you get it started first. but after bike runs for about 5 minutes it cuts out and you cant rev it to stop cutting out
  7. itstommmm

    Bike Wont Start

    After I though I got bike sorted this happens. It was starting first kick when warm and after putting rear mudguard back on etc it wouldnt start I looked down at the kick start bolt as it had kept coming lose and it had fell out, also the washer that goes with that bolt has cracked in half and I now only have one half of the washer, could this be why it won't start?
  8. Finally got my bike started I took the packing out of exhaust and it was dripping with oil (my guess to why it wouldn't start) but when I start it without packing loads of black oily like liquid comes into silencer and comes out of the joint really fast as if you've turned a tap on. My fuel mix is 75-80:1.
  9. thanks, will look into it.
  10. *UPDATE* The o ring seal on the clutch cover has broke in half and thats where oil was coming from. New O Ring on the way now. Then just to figure out why the pig wont start.
  11. that seems to be where its coming from, how do i seal it again?
  12. its definitely gearbox oil because its red
  13. itstommmm

    Gearbox Oil Leak?

    after kicking my bike over to try and start it for 5 minutes, i gave up, turned petrol off and then noticed gearbox oil on sump guard under clutch cover. the washer that goes under the head of the bolt that holds kickstart in is cracked in half but that wont cause leak will it?
  14. I have new fuel, a good spark and a clean carb. But my bike just will not start or even fire either with choke on or off.
  15. Same is happening on my beta
  16. i have had the bike for around a month, its had problems since about 2 days after getting it.
  17. when i start my bike with choke on it acts like its on full throttle, revs are really high instantly (i hold kill switch as soon as it gets high) and when i start without choke it idles ok but the revs are getting higher (not much) or lower (not much) without even touching throttle.
  18. have gave air filter a clean with hot soapy water just like and will re oil it once dry.
  19. Best bet is to put bike in gear then remove clutch lever and gear lever.
  20. Plug colour is like the color of wood, should I try to start without air filter in? I think I've over oiled the air filter.
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