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  1. atakin22bed


    buy a dell orto vhst 28 ..
  2. Same probleme with my 199 , i change some clutch plate by honda tlr clutch plates after some adjusting works . It really transform my clutch ....
  3. Same operating with my 349 mh and my sherpa t 325 ,i always use the decompressor ,it is easyer (sorry for my bad english )
  4. my son's first ride with the montesa 349 cota "Ulf Carlsson" https://vimeo.com/126687798
  5. it can help a lot's of riders : http://lamaneta.org/manuales/manuales/Montesa%20Cota%20349%20Manual%20de%20Instrucciones%204587.pdf
  6. Hello Axulsuv you can see my Magnat Debon at : http://magnat-debonbmd.blogspot.fr/ rocdesarces my Montesa rebuiding : http://www.danimontesamapassion.com/t7566-nouvelle-acquisition I have a old Manual for my 349 in pdf we are neightboor in France ..
  7. You should open the clutch cover : its' not only a classic nut . you need it to maintain the chain tensionner
  8. Hi , one hole is for the spark plug the other for a decompressor . you need the decompressor for helping the kick starter it is important ! this is my soon's bike after motor rebuilt : https://vimeo.com/126010396 i find my part's here http://www.francetrialclassic.com/fr/ but there's a lot of good dealers on the web sorry for my bad english
  9. Hi , my name is Fabrice , i m 49 years old , i ride a yamaha 250 ty 59n, and i rebuild a old 349 cota montesa for my soon. i live in France near Voiron (Chartreuse ) in Alp mountain my english is not very good but i like your website and the forum ! i ride also a 1200 Buell , a MZ 250 Ts a chinese Dax 90cc , and in a few years a old Magnat Debon 350 cc (1935)
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