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  2. This should do the job. The Mikuni it should have fitted.
  3. That's really helpful, thank you.
  4. Hi I have no documentation for my Sherpa just matching frame and engine numbers. Does anyone know how to search the dvla site with just this? I don't know if it has been road registered, it may have. If not I need to do it. Advice gratefully received. Neil
  5. I think I have answered my own question having taken some higher quality pics and googled the numbers on the carb. https://yamahaclub.com/forums/topic/28494-dt-175-mx-main-jets/ see advice from Airhead. Not really suitable for an engine nearly twice the capacity ? Neil
  6. Hi, Thanks for all the replies. I wondered if anyone could identify this carb? That way I can make sure I have the correct settings and float height. I'll be adding the air filter Tuesday. Cheers
  7. Thanks people, Really appreciate the help. I've now had it running but there is still some fuel overflowing but I won't have time to reset the float height until next week. Cheers. Neil
  8. Hi, I've just bought a 1977 Sherpa 350 with a mikuni carb. I've cleaned it thoroughly as it was leaking from the overflow pipe. Does anyone know the float height setting? I have it running but not easy to start and it dies like it's out of fuel after just a short run but starts again after. The air screw is only about 3/4 turn out and I've seen elsewhere it should be 2 turns out. Can anyone confirm this? Cheers Neil
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