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  1. Hi All, Went out for a spot of green laning yesterday on my Sherpa T 191. There was quite a lot of road work involved which meant trying, and failing, to keep up with my mate on his 1950 Norton 500 T. Heading back after a couple of hours my clutch was getting grabby and throttle response was jerky. Then engine lost power and died. All compression had gone so had to push it home. I've left it overnight and although I haven't attempted to start it, there is compression now. I know it's geared for trials so top speed about 30mph but does anyone know why it would lose compression? Cheers. Neil.
  2. Cheers people. I'm picking it up a week Friday
  3. Yes I'm definately interested as long as the engine is ok as it seems they aren't exactly straightforward to rebuild. I've never really got on with left foot braking on my Bultaco being used to Japanese road bikes. I may prefer it but can't keep both. If I get it I will probably be bombarding the site with questions. thanks for all your input. Neil
  4. Thanks. I need to give it some thought for a day or two. All a bit old and tatty but that also describes me so we could be well suited. Any other comments will be welcome. Neil
  5. Hi, Just received these pics. I think I've seen info on bikes with the engine as stressed member and bashplate so I'll look around but any advice as to the exact model would be appreciated. Thanks. Neil
  6. Thanks Gavin. I do need the truth to be told. I will be buying it mostly unseen as it's a 200 mile round trip to where it's located. They have been honest before and they are enthusiasts themselves. I'm looking at £800 as it stands and they've promised to try starting it and send me some pics later today so I can find exactly which model it is. I'm reasonably handy with the spanners and would do all the work myself and it would be either as a little project for me that hopefully wouldn't lose me money although if I prefered it to the Sherpa I may keep it. I don't want a showroom piece but a working bike to have fun with in not so sunny Cornwall. I'll post pics as soon as............. Cheers. Neil.
  7. Hmm. Food for thought indeed. Thanks for the warnings. I was going to presume it would need the motor rebuilt as the crank seals would be likely to need replacing at the very least. Cheers, Neil.
  8. I've just emailed them and I'll chase them up on Monday. I'm hoping it's going to be a possibility as I'm looking forward to it. Had the Bultaco from them ( The Twinshock shop) last year and they were pretty honest as to its faults.
  9. Cheers for that. I'll see if they can get me a pic of the frame and engine numbers. Neil
  10. I'm told it is after Honda were involved. Should get pics on Monday. Cheers.
  11. Hi, I bought a Bultaco 350t Sherpa last year and after many hours of knuckle grazing managed to rebuild and get it road registered. I'm now taking my first tentative steps in trials riding. I've been offered a Montesa/Honda 348 as a project at a reasonable price that will need some work. I'm not sure of the age or anything. Are parts readily available and are there any pitfalls I should be aware of? I learnt a lot with the Bultaco and this forum was huge help so any advice gratefully accepted. Neil
  12. Bought my first Bultaco last year and Larry emailed me with lots of good advice. Sorry to hear this.
  13. http://www.footmanjames.co.uk/ got my Bultace and vfr with them and a friend has Norton 500t and 2 others. Good price and trials are included.
  14. All done. I couldn't have done it without all your help, Thankyou. I eventually managed it with a pair of needle vice grips levered against the shaft, I had cut a little off the tang, then a cable tie to pull the "hook" end anti clockwise past the case and back to its stop. Thanks again. Neil
  15. Cheers Bondy, Just managed to get it in but wondering if I need to position the shaft with the chamfered end of the hole facing down so when I wind it back it will add tension?
  16. Thanks Graham, So I cut off 5mm and put the spring on the shaft. Just "pop" the long bit into the hole in the shaft and give it half a turn of preload then Bob should be my uncle? When you say you can do it in 5 mins, does that mean it is a regular thing to do? Neil
  17. Hi all, I've got to replace the broken spring on my Sherpa T. I'm told it's possible without splitting the cases, phew !!! Have any of you done this and may have some pearls of wisdom for any technique ? Cheers
  18. Having re-assembled the gearbox recently that makes sense as thinking back it did seem to me that 5th gear was 1:1
  19. Super info, thanks. Mine has 10/48 would that make a huge difference overall?
  20. FYI Mine has 10/48 fitted and it idles in first at far less than crawling pace which will make tight sections easy but I do hold up the traffic with road work !
  21. I spoke to MYMotors and they said by all means post them the parts and the crank and they will get it done for you by the bloke who did mine (also re-bores) but you may find a local engineer to you who would do it without the postage. Alternatively have you asked Dave Renham at inmotion if they had someone local to them who would do it ? You could just post the crank to them then? Just a thought. Anyroad, Let me know what you decide and if I can help sort anything out this end I'd be happy to.
  22. Cheap it 'aint. Mymotors have some old stock which they let me have for original price so a complete gasket set was £19 even though I told them it should be £30. The bike cost me £800 and I was told the crank was rumbling. If you can run to electronic ignition I would recommend it. Turned out both the crank bearings and mains were shot.
  23. netley

    Fuel Filters

    I've given it a run with no filter as filter and carb fittings are different sizes. Maybe the steam clean I had done has cleaned the tank properly !!
  24. Couldn't tell you I'm afraid, just starting out myself. Literally just got it running properly yeaterday after an engine rebuild. Done a few road trials in the chair of a 1950 Norton and thought I'd like have a go myself. taken yesterday after getting the idle sorted. Electronic ignition fitted and airscrew adjusted. Starts beautifully and sits and ticks over like a dream. There's loads of more knowledgable people on this site.
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