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  1. dm1

    Won't go into 2nd when cold

    I used ATF when I first got the bike. I'll try ATF again on next oil change.
  2. Morning All, I have a 2018 ONE 250 which I've owned from new. For as long as I can remember it will not shift into 2nd gear when cold. It will half select the gear and 'grind' lightly. After running in 1st for a few minutes to warm up, it shifts ok. No issues engaging any of the other gears once warm. I've tried a few different oils, with no improvement. I change the oil frequently and nothing of concern on the plug magnet. With the engine off and cold, it will not shift into 1st or 2nd, with or without the clutch. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. I grease mine every 3-4 months. One of my linkage bearings was rusty with water ingress. I got replacement SKF bearings and seals from Wych Bearings online.
  4. dm1

    TY250 Clutch Lever Help

    Thanks Ian, was hoping not to pull the clutch apart as I've never done it before. First time for everything I suppose.
  5. I've bought a TY250 Mono. I took the engine out to paint it, but now the clutch lever arm is not pushing the pushrod to activate the clutch. I can remove the lever arm and see its a cam profile. There is marking where it pushes the rod and it's not excessively worn. My mechanical knowledge and ability is far behind many of you on here, so I'd appreciate some advice on how to sort this. Thanks Dave
  6. dm1


    Just received guards from Andy - fit great
  7. thanks for the feedback
  8. Manual States 200ml and 300ml, can anyone asvise what is the correct volume? Thanks
  9. dm1

    Apico master cylinder boots

    I had the same problem. I tried silicone but it didn't hold. Eventually gave up and used an old boot that I had attached to an old master cylinder.
  10. dm1

    Rear Linkage Bearings

    One of my linkage bearings is damaged along with the bushing. Although the other bearings look ok, I'd like to replace them all while I'm at it. Having searched online it looks like Sherco and Gas Gas bearing packages are available, but I can't find any for Beta. Can someone point me in the right direction? Bike is a 2013 250 Evo. Thanks
  11. I'm looking to get my 8yr old son his first bike. I'm keen on an electric bike as I hope he'll get more use of it, due to it being quiet, and I hope he'll take to it better than a bike with a clutch. Can some one please advise the difference between the Beta and the Oset 20. I'd probably go for the Oset Eco, rather than the Racing. Cheers
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