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  1. What is the reason for filling between front frame tubes?
  2. theoldstuff

    Bogging down

    I really dont know much but have you tried again when engine cold?
  3. theoldstuff

    Bogging down

    Have you got an external fuel filter and is the one in the tank still intact? Don't know if it would gave any bearing on your problem but are filters or fuel line blocked?
  4. theoldstuff


    Here in NZ they now have a good power to weight restriction in place called LAMS (learner approved blah blah..). A learner can ride up to a 650? as long as its not a rocketship. Shame that wasn't the case when I was a boy.
  5. Well I machined a couple of aluminium spacers, saving 80g of weight in rear one alone but no comparison on front as I don't have original. One more question, how the heck does the speedo cable drive come out? Is it pressed in at factory never to come out or is there a way I'm missing?
  6. I'm very interested to learn more about increasing axle diameter. Presumably to run hollow alloy axle? Ah yes I was having a bit of a brain hiccup regarding the speedo drive! I have an old myford lathe here so looking at turning all spacers/axles/steering shaft etc from alloy.
  7. So that thin disc you refer to is called "spacer flange" as per parts diagram? If so I'm glad its not essential because that's missing as well! What do people do that remove speedo drive, just replace with alloy spacer or am I having another dipole moment?
  8. This poor old bike has been extremely neglected by someone. Got my new tyres fitted and ready to install bearings/seals, and find my front wheel spacer between bearings was never there. Have tried the previously mentioned partzilla (couldn't access boats.net) for length of spacer but no joy. I know it's not possible to just measure up as its pressed between your wheel bearings but maybe somebody has info or a spare to measure?
  9. theoldstuff

    Ty250A Shims

    Could anyone help me out with swing arm shim dimensions please? Mine are missing, little wonder there was so much play. The bushes seem fine and well greased luckily. I was hoping the local engineering shop might have shims to suit.
  10. My bike is the roughest looking thing I have seen and a continual work in progress. Currently in a dismantled state, however I will put some photos up when it's back together. Planning to make many alloy parts. Will try to collate mod data and post also when I'm finished.
  11. Thanks for the info. Swingarm weight variances were a surprise. Jogged my memory about clutch too. Got the bike down to about 81kg but aiming for 75kg. I think now that it's achievable.
  12. Hi chaps, I've been told the later twin shock TYs have lighter engines than the A model. I have read a thread about the crank assembly being lighter but balanced out with a heavier flywheel weight. The spec sheets I've seen state that overall weight is the same for all the twin shock TYs (93kg) so would lead me to believe the engines are exactly the same weight. Anyone had them on the scales?
  13. Is there a similar mod for the 250 engine that anyone knows of?
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