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    Montesa 4Ride Cat

    Oh bugger !! Better not do that then !! Good advice , thanks
  2. woody1970

    Montesa 4Ride Cat

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a 17 reg 4 ride & was interested to read your chat about power mods. Could Greg give more details about the power mods you’re talking about. Obviously the front pipe needs changing to get rid of the cat. Does that effect passing the mot ? You talk about the small washer in the throttle bodies. Is it simply a job of removing that & it’ll run ok without doing other changes. Cheers guys
  3. Thanks very much for that. I’m from Weston Super Mare so it’s an early start for me then !
  4. Hi Guys, does anybody know what time the British trial round starts in North Wales on Sat 25th Sept. Many Thanks, Andy
  5. I’ve recently bought a 4 ride 17 reg with just over 500 miles & love it . I’ve changed the rear sprocket to a 38 so it’s a bit better on the road. It’ll do 65 flat out but it’s happy at 40 without revving too much. Did 52 miles out & about around Somerset’s green lanes the other week with just less than a litre left in the tank so I think 60 miles is safe on a tank. Just need to get a 2 litre fuel bottle to put under the seat for flexibility. Think I’ll need a harder tyre though cos the Dunlop is rather soft & won’t last long
  6. It’s 260 but really torquey & enough for me . Some say it’s best to swap the pipe & get rid of the cat but not sure if it’s wise for me to mess with it !! It’s basically a trials bike that’s a bit heavier but great fun & comfortable
  7. Hi again, well I have finally managed to find a 17 reg 4 ride for £4500 from a dealer in Bridgend. It’s only done 400 miles & in perfect condition. I’ve changed the rear sprocket to a 38 & I’m much happier with it now. Really love the bike , really easy to handle so it’s thumbs up
  8. I’ve just had a look at the Yam. Looks like a nice machine but too heavy & tall for me.
  9. Oh that’s great then, thought it might be pushing the limits. I’ll have to find out about whether the car ( Alfa Giulia) is ok with it
  10. Thanks cord & Nigel for your insight. Great to hear your experiences on it . I’ve had trail bikes in the past but far too heavy & too tall a seat for my liking . Having a bike that’s only about 80kgs I would enjoy I’m sure & 50 mile range is not bad at all is it . When I’ve saved up & find one I’ll give you a shout. I guess I’d need a trailer too if I fancied a trip to wales as it would be too heavy for a car rack
  11. Stupid me , I meant 4 ride doh
  12. I suppose the only other compromise with the free ride would be a small fuel tank . That might be a problem for you.
  13. Sounds good. If you purchase let us know how you get on with it. Be good to hear what you think Jonny
  14. Thanks for the info Isv. Sounds like it’s a perfect all rounder. I reckon it’ll be great fun. Will go shopping in a month or two & hopefully find one that’s been looked after, cheers
  15. Thanks for that info Isv, always good to have realistic figures. Sounds like it’s gonna be ideal for me cos not keen on the high seat of a trail bike & extra weight . How old is yours ?
  16. Thanks very much for that info. Sounds like the ideal machine. You say there is an S3 kit. Is that easily obtained & from where ? I used to have a gas gas 250 about 20 yrs ago !! I never really noticed if the gear lever was a distance away from the pegs as I also used to have a VTR 1000 . Having the ability to do a few road miles would be useful too & the extra mileage cos 90 miles is a very good range compared to the normal trials machines & depending on how it’s ridden obviously. Do you still own one & I reckon you prefer it to a two stroke ? Cheers Andy
  17. Hi guys. I’m looking to buy a 4 ride next year with a budget for a 2 or 3 year old one. What are your thoughts on them for reliability & rideability & general info . I’ve heard people say the gear shift is too far away but not sure if this is true. With thanks Andy Cheers guys
  18. Hi there, just reading your post about the Montesa insurance problem. Did you manage to find any insurance in the end ? I am looking at buying one next year. How are you getting on with the bike ? I’d be interested in what you’ve ended up with, cheers Woody
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