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  1. @syspig They certainly don’t make it easy to get hold of the workshop manual, that’s for sure! If you PM me with your email address I can send you a digital copy. As far as I am aware the software kit is only available to official dealers, which I can imagine is a pain if you are 5 hours away from a dealer. I’m fortunate in that I’m currently living only 20mins from a dealer. Having the FI setup by someone knowledgeable made a huge difference to my bike. The dealer said the system on the newer bikes allows even more precise setup of the carburation. If you are looking for setup information on the GET ECU then there is a 15min video here, maybe you've already seen it? It’s not a Vertigo but it should be the same process https://slavensracing.com/how-to-tune-your-get-ecu-equipped-dirt-bike/
  2. Yes there is a 174 page service/workshop manual for the Vertigo. There is a dealer kit software for the ECU which includes an interface for the ECU and 3 different bits of software which are tied in to a USB dongle with a dealer license that they have to renew yearly. All the electronics, FI etc can be diagnosed/tested and calibrated through this software.
  3. No you can't remove the side frame individually. The left and right side are all one unit which make up the rear frame. It is part number 8 in the attached picture. Hope this helps.
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