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  1. If you can do it on one wheel, then I will be impressed
  2. as an active and long standing committee member for Bradford & District Motor club I can assure you the club has never been actively involved in any trials at Nord Vue, a few club members have volunteered to observe, but the club has not been involved at any point, the club was involved with the observers/Marshalling back at the 3 rounds down at Hawkstone, but quite a few observers came from many different clubs, for the 2 rounds at Fort Bill, the club wasn't actively involved , Yes a long standing club member was in charge of recruiting willing observers, but this was done NOT in conjunction with the club. so how you can say its a closed shop is beyond me,
  3. Fort William is by far the best venue for the WTC, but as Andy says its the location which is the issue, first year there was a 2 day event so the crowds was pretty decent, but second year it was only a 1 day event so the spectators stayed away, it a long way to go for fans who live in the south of the UK,
  4. not trying to be argumentative at all mate, far from it, I fully understand were you are coming from, believe me I wont ever observe at a WTC again until they drop the non-stop crap, I didn't observe at these rounds because of the rules, I have observed at the last 3 WTC at Hawkstone and the 2 rounds at Fort William and the pressure you are put under from the riders/minders and then the crowd is immense, the slating we got from armchair observers was unreal, I was subject to some real nasty crap from a idiot at Fort William for giving Michael Brown a 5 !!! Due to the stupid rule of touching a flag totally agree with the Bou situation, defo 5 and yes the Observer bottled it, but the Observers are all volunteers and I can hazard a good guess that no training beforehand was given other than the basic quick pep talk etc, Unfortunately observers are going to make mistakes at some point, and the constant p****** about with the rules by the FIM doesn't help,
  5. Bou should have been given a 5 for that, its a blatant 5, but unfortunately the observer didn't give it, but moaning about the observers wont change the results will it, do you really think that by paying observers it will change anything,
  6. shall we put you down for a section next year then mate and see how you get on , remember the observers are volunteers and yes they make mistakes, they don't need a load of arm chair observers putting even more pressure on them, agreed the rules are bloody stupid, but that's the rules they have to try and work with
  7. i believe that they are 60042rs
  8. phb

    2014 Scorpa

    it appears that certain members on this forum are only interested in there own opinion on what is a nice looking or decent bike, and are way to quick to pass judgement on a few pictures without even been given the chance to swing a leg over it and try it out, I am glad that Scorpa seems to have produced a quality looking bike and look forward to actually seeing reports on how good or bad it is,
  9. I am fairly sure it doesnt matter which way you wire it
  10. pretty straight forward fix, at least you will,know the connections are correct as you will be connnecting into the factory wiring
  11. cut the plug off the old switch and solder onto the new one
  12. phb

    2014 Scorpa

    +1 I dont come on here so much nowadays just for the same reason they are just so quick to rubbish a bike even before its been made available to the public
  13. phb

    2014 Scorpa

    maybe maybe not, But I will reserve judgement on the merits or bad points of the bike once I have had chance to see and ride one in the flesh, if and when I decide to get a new bike I will certainly have a good luck at it, what I can say is that judging by looks alone i think its a nice looking machine, with a proven engine in it so I suspect it will be a very good clubman bike, and yes I have owned a Scorpa before (2003) and the only reason I swapped makes was due to the importer at the time wasnt the best with customer service
  14. phb

    2014 Scorpa

    why bother you ask !! well if everybody was as predictable as you we would all be riding the same brand of bike and that would be soooo boring, judging by the pictures I would say it looks pretty dam good and I bet it will also ride pretty dam good as well, lets see it in action before you totally rubbish it isnt a Gasser and a sherco very similar and doesnt the Jota gas have a cloned Gas gas engine, so they all copy each other so something must be right
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