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  1. Looks great..i have a beta one ..well worth the money..transforms the bike into a much more usable piece of kit..go all over on it even asda..great for green laning..trials bikes dont make noise and tear up the national park..have an enduro bike as well you may as well be a leper...walkers greet me nicely on the trials bike..instead of a walking stick in youre spokes...a friend as the one your looking at...as a big soppy grin on his face...always
  2. As for a cure... the case wont pit all over just in areas of impurities in the mix..hopefully...sand it back and seal the pits with e metal..dont use much just fill the pits..then spray paint the infection with a quality paint..hope it stops the corrosion progressing
  3. Frustrating for you to say the least..i bought a brand new 2006 beta rev 3 ..the clutch case corroded away within a year despite using the most expensive coolants..complained direct to beta italy..they produced an upgraded case that didnt turn to snot therefore admitting the original part was not fit for purpose..i still had to buy the part..frustrating..magnesium alloys are a mix and can be made at manufacture good quality or poor...look at honda cases they stay immaculate ie good quality mix of mag alloy...you havent done anything wrong ..the manufacturers should get a grip and produce bikes fit for purpose..frustrating..hard earned cash an all that....frustrating
  4. Casings generally have these casting holes in all sorts of places..because spinning parts create a certain amount of wind which if completely sealed would cause crankcase pressure.plus the oil can pass all around the vital bits...nevertheless check your sump plug for any excess metal just in case..look at pictures of the same engine on googlebox fer reassurance
  5. Plus the gearboxes are designed that way..with very fine tolerance between first and second..not much chance of accidently finding nuetral while hanging off the edge a yorkshire mountain section..and making trials widows?
  6. In my experience of lots of trials bikes..all the clutches drag very slightly.because of the beefy clutch required for trials..the only true cure is a high quality billet basket and regular oil changes (light gear oil) OR blip the throttle and finger it
  7. Try find neutral with your hand..much more feel than your boot..its a fine art
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