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  1. Evenin` all and a merry Christmas to one and all. My Crusader is well on it`s way, by which I mean that I have reduced the base bike to its` component parts. My wheels are being prepared by Gerry Minshall as I write this but I have a query one of you types may be able to answer. Bearing in mind that I have a road box what rear wheel sprocket size would you recommend. I`ve no doubt the bike will climb but at the same time I don`t want it going beserk downhill and scaring the wotsit out of me. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Have fun, Hazel
  2. I`ll probably have to mod or remake the swing arm anyway as the the hubs I am having made will fit the present gap like the proverbial p***k in a bowler hat, lol.
  3. Umm, the only problem there is that I`d have to wait til new year to get the tubes cos everyone is shutting down at the moment. I`m not back to work til the 8th and I need something to occupy me. Good idea though, thanks.
  4. Hi all and a very Christmas. I am in the throes of Building a RE Crusader trials bike and having got all the parts off the bike that I don`t need I`m just a little concerned about the width of the frame at the point where the seat will go. Is there any practical way of narrowing that part so that I don`t have to go bandy-legged to ride it? I have tools and a welder I just need a good idea. Many thanks, Hazel
  5. I bought a kit that just adapts the alternator, looks a good bit of kit too.
  6. Thank you Carl, that would be perfect. Thanks everybody, what a nice bunch we are on here, lol
  7. Thanks for that Sergeant B. It`s a start. It`s just a shame that so much of it would be wasted as all I require is sparks and not lights. No hurry I`m just gathering advance info. Cheers mate.
  8. Hello all, I recently bought a Royal Enfield Crusader 250 which I am going to make a trials bike of. Mechanical stuff I am fine with but am a complete dunce when it comes to electrics. What I want to do is convert the electrical system so that the engine provides its` own sparks. There are 3 wires coming from the back of the engine that originate at the alternator, can any of you please tell me how to wire things things up so that a battery is not needed. I have the rectifier but no clue as to where to start or what to do. Any help would be great.
  9. I took the picture straight off ebay months ago. The London based seller had 3 very similar bikes up for sale at the same time and at good prices too. Perhaps someone bought one and like me with my AJS hadn`t realised just how big and heavy they are.
  10. Thank you Carl. I thought that was the case but it`s nice to have it confirmed.
  11. Hi all, will a WM3 X 18 X 40 rim be ok for a 4 inch trials tyre? I`m sure I used a wm3 on the back of my Matchless but it was a long time ago. Also does the "40" refer to spoke holes? If it does it`s no good for me. Thanks in advance, Hazel
  12. Hi all, does anyone out there in the classic world know where I can get a replica Ariel HT trials frame from. Everyone I have contacted has either stopped making them or put the shutters up for an unspecified time as they are busy. I`m not afraid to pay but I just can find a source. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. If you look at Barry Pickard`s videos on youtube there is occasionally one of these to be seen trialing. Not brilliant but not crap either.
  14. Only once seen a broken Greeves frame before and that was halfway along the down member.
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