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  1. Thank you Carl. I thought that was the case but it`s nice to have it confirmed.
  2. Hi all, will a WM3 X 18 X 40 rim be ok for a 4 inch trials tyre? I`m sure I used a wm3 on the back of my Matchless but it was a long time ago. Also does the "40" refer to spoke holes? If it does it`s no good for me. Thanks in advance, Hazel
  3. Hi all, does anyone out there in the classic world know where I can get a replica Ariel HT trials frame from. Everyone I have contacted has either stopped making them or put the shutters up for an unspecified time as they are busy. I`m not afraid to pay but I just can find a source. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. If you look at Barry Pickard`s videos on youtube there is occasionally one of these to be seen trialing. Not brilliant but not crap either.
  5. Only once seen a broken Greeves frame before and that was halfway along the down member.
  6. When I built my Matchless many years ago I bought a kit of consumables and did my own nickel plating using a battery charger with complete success. It was all done in a plastic bucket and if the item was too large to do in one go I plated one side then turned it up the other way to do the other half. Consumables consisted of granules to be mixed with warm water and a strip of nickel, it worked great.

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    Hi all. Here we have a really class machine that I have just bought but unfortunately cannot ride. 1961 AJS trials bike with all the lightening bells and whistles. As good as any you`ll find with the correct engine and trials ratios gearbox. The previous owner demonstrated the engine to me at the time of pick up. In spite of being idle quite some time it started first kick, idled beautifully and picked up without hesitation giving a very pleasant sound from the exhaust. Mechanically silent and no smoke. It does show a few signs of its use but that is what it was made for by AMC. Everything is spot on though the brakes may need relining. I found on getting it home that light as it is for an Ajay it was too much for me and worse still I simply haven`t the weight or strength to turn the engine over hence this sale. Comes with its original speedo and a tax disc for history`s sake and a spare front wheel. Road registered with V5 in my name. Quite a bargain at £6500.00 OVNO. I am gutted at this but what else can I do but stick to my James. Email or pm`s please. Hazel

    6,500.00 GBP

  8. Thanks Rusty. I looked at the pic carefully and there is just too much wrong with it for a serious trials bike. It`s also way too expensive for what it is Thanks again, Hazel
  9. Thank you both. Basically you are echoing my own thoughts but I wanted to hear it from someone else, then I know it makes sense. Apart from being a lovely looking bike in its own right the buy it now price was a great attraction, just 3,800. That is a bargain by any standards. Many thanks, Hazel
  10. Hi all, I`d like an opinion from some of you knowledgeable types. Re the bike in the photo - do any of you think it would make the basis of a good pre 65 trials bike or is it just too far "out"? Any comments are welcome.
  11. Ha, thanks Craig, I was there just 5 minutes ago. Apart from being just out of my reach I noticed that it was built around a heavy, lugged, roadster frame. That makes it darn heavy and over-long in the wheelbase. I do appreciate your interest though. Many thanks, Hazel
  12. Hi all. Has anyone heard any whispers of a trials Matchless for sale at all? I trawl the net every evening but nothing ever surfaces. I built one about 30 years ago and wish I still had it but that`s life. Any news gratefully received. Hazel
  13. I Googled him but data protection meant I only got links that mentioned his name. Any ideas?
  14. Thank you for your input. Funnily enough I got curious about my own hubs after posting and gave them the magnet test. It turns out that the centre parts ARE alloy, it`s just the spoke flange and brake parts that are steel. Easiest thing for me to do is clean up and paint what I have then get the appropriate rims put on.
  15. Hi all. I intend to build a pre 65 trials bike using a 1959 Francis Barnett frame I have the original wheels and was going to use the original hubs but they are iron (heavy) and a bit bit clapped generally. Does anyone know where I can some small diameter alloy full width hubs? I saw some on a Cotton ( I think ) on this forum and they were lovely. I have been Googling for hours now and just keep going round in circles with no result. Any help would be appreciated.
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