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  1. So after riding it again, I did a few things different and discovered something. First, mixed race fuel and normal pump fuel at 50/50 and 80:1 motorex. Don't know if it helped but it defiantly didn't hurt. Second, the technique everyone described definitely helped. balance up on the pegs, have it rolling, lean against something or standing with my left foot on something higher to get up above the bike better helped a ton! Third and issue that I need to sort out - Once it was hot and I took a break, shut it off and chatted and spotted for 20-30 minutes. When I went to go restart it, it was cold again and it would not start at all, no matter what. I tried to bump start it, kick with proper technique, choke on/off, everything. Nothing would start it... Rolled all the way back down the hill to where I was parked and was about to call it a day. I leaned agains my truck and kicked it a few more times and got it to fire but it was totally loaded up. this makes me think the float may be sticking or something, overfilling the carb or something. Im going to pull the carb off this evening and look at the height and make sure there is nothing I am missing.. Either way, thanks guys!
  2. I have it set up with the jetting that it came from the dealer with. I bought it from a dealer. I have also disassembled the carb and verified it is clean. I can not recall what was in there but I have played with the air screw..
  3. Thanks everyone! Yes, put a fresh plug in.
  4. I have a brand new 2018 TXT280 that I picked up as a left over. I have rode it twice and its very hard to start, especially when its hot. I actually broke the kick starter off after my first ride kicking on the thing! The carb is clean, it has fresh gas (non-ethanol 80:1 Motorex) and a fresh plug. It seems like unless I kick it perfectly, it won't start. My friends have Sherco's and they all seem way easier to start.. Is there a recommended jetting specification I should run? 1000ft above sea level, 50-60 degrees? Would there be any benefit to mixing in some race gas? (Id doubt it but can if it helps..) Should I look over electrical grounds and connections? Like make sure grounds are all clean of paint and corrosion free? It stinks when you have a new bike and it doesn't work like expected.. I just want to ride it, not kick the hell out of it. It seems like the kick starter motion is a little different (IN A BAD WAY) compared to other bikes. Its almost like you have to kick back and down with it all the way up at TDC, instead of just down. Thanks!
  5. That equals 530 grams/ 18.694 oz. That's over a pound of un-sprung weight! In the off road world, that's a significant savings with the added traction, I would see the value provided here... But I don't know jack when it comes to trials...
  6. BrettD


    Pat and Phil both live about 30 minutes from me. I have been to their property (bought a VERY used bike from them years ago) Their property is very advanced. At the time, it was way over my head. I would love to try to get over there and play now.
  7. BrettD


    Im from the Milwaukee area. I just picked up a trials bike and plan to ride the events in WI and IL and I will play ride where ever available!
  8. I do not run ethanol fuel in any of my bikes. It yellows my off-road tanks, clogs jets up and kills fuel filters on injected bikes if they sit for anymore that a few weeks. Due to it being a block from my house, I run 100 or 110 leaded race gas in all of my bikes just for stability. It seems to last a lot longer before it goes bad.
  9. Good girl ya got there! My wife was looking at me funny then said - well its your office, you can do what you want. I had ACL, MCL, Meniscus and quad surgery a couple years ago, knee work is tough! I need to have both meniscus' worked on again. I have/had permanent sutures in my my left knee and tore them out a few months ago and am putting it off at the moment. Best of luck with recovery!!
  10. Or an old asphalt parking lot ? Excited to play with it! Sat in the garage balancing on it and riding circles Saturday night! Might put it in my office for the winter to stand/balance on while I work this winter
  11. I picked up a new Gas Gas TXT 280 Racing yesterday! Excited to get into this!! This forum seems like it will be a wealth of knowledge to learn with! Now to sit and wait for winter to be done!
  12. BrettD

    Future of Gasgas

    Well Im going to find out how this 280 works. Picked it up yesterday! (Wife said happy 40th birthday ?) Sat in the garage with it last night balancing on it and riding tiny circles. I want to go through it though - Winter here now and damn cold so I can't ride it outside anyways. Will drain the fuel that is in it and clean the carb out - Im sure the shop put normal crap pump gas with ethanol in it and 50:1 mixture - as its just generic fuel a shop would keep around for starting bikes. Any must have protection items? Seems like bar ends along with fork protectors would be smart and possibly a linkage guard/plate? I have broken linkage parts in the past on my off-road bikes and now run a plastic plate off the back of my skid plates to protect the linkage, also makes it glide over logs and rocks. Would think good spares to have would be levers, air filters, spark plugs and brake pads. Anything else? I would think due to slow speeds that brake pads would last longer than a big bike but still good things to have on hand?
  13. BrettD

    Future of Gasgas

    I was looking for a 250 but found a deal too good to pass on for a new TXT 280 racing. While I am new to trials, I have ridden them before and am not too worried about it. I used to have a old Sherco 290 that was a roach but I never took it very serious. I am not new to general off road riding and race enduros, including a few hard enduros here in the states in the A class/expert (don't know if that helps or hurts me in trials). I would think there are ways to tame it down a little if needed - FW weight, head squish, ride in rain mode/ignition settings, jet it rich?? Those ideas work for off road bikes but I do not use them.
  14. BrettD

    Future of Gasgas

    I suppose you guys are right. The main thing in the way or parts needed are probably more universal anyways - Chains, sprockets, levers, pads, pegs, plugs and carb parts.... Most of that stuff is available by 3rd party manufactures. I doubt many engine parts are needed - Hell, do many people ever even have to do a top end unless they severely neglect the bike? I can easily get 100 hours out of a off road bike top end and that is only replaced because of old school habits, even when ridden hard. Thanks guys!
  15. Good morning all! I am new to trials riding and am in the market for a new bike and looking for input. While I am new to trials, I am not new to offload riding/racing. I have been racing hare scrambles and enduros here in the midwest for some time. While that is a great time, I am looking for a new challenge, a way to cross train and the ability to ride at home with something quiet. I am in the market for a new bike and am looking at Sherco/Scorpa, Beta and GG. I have found a deal on a new GG that is very intriguing but am skeptical to go the GG route as it sounds like parts are sometimes hard to come by. Im not sure if this is the case or not but the savings on the new bike would allow me to purchase boots and a helmet and still have money left over from my budget. Thanks!!!
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