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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    In immaculate condition- ridden three times round the garden by me in the 18months that I’ve owned it.has S3 flywheel weight kit fitted but otherwise completely standard.Even grips and levers are originals.I have recently carried out the following as I was a bit at a loose end. new wheel bearings front and rear,new headset bearings,repacked silencer,fitted a new Carbon Exhaust shield and re heat shielded fuel tank - you will struggle to find a cleaner one at this price.

    3,500.00 GBP

  2. I have suffered from this and would advise trying a Powerball - it's a gyroscopic exercise device and whilst taking a bit of getting used to is amazing.
  3. Agree - Give the caliper assembly a good clean first and then with care, remove each piston and give them a thorough clean with brake cleaner.Then ideally using the same brake fluid as in the rest of the system - work a little fluid into the seal and reinstall each piston.Give the caliper a good clean up afterwards.
  4. This information is really useful to riders new to trials such as myself.Presumably any tools and spares that are carried to in a well padded bum bag ?. Does anyone carry a spare clutch lever or is that a bit OTT ?
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