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  1. trialskid

    'Give Away'

    Sounds to me like a genuine offer. I know were i will be going the next time i need to sell a bike, set the sat nav for Burnley. Many thanks for the top tip. Your a real gentleman!
  2. Eh kid, nice bike, good luck from a newbie with about 20 yrs. on ya. My new bike should be here by Thanksgiving day.

  3. You can get more info from Steve's website, better still why not send him an email. You have a few options on Airports Almeria 1hr, Murcia 1hr, Alicante 1hr 40 mins, Granada 1hr 30. Regards Trialskid
  4. Hi all, I have just returned from Spain where i used the great facilities of Almeria guest house ( www.almeriaguesthouse.com) This is a small run trials business in the local Spanish village of La Cinta, Arboleas, Almeria. This is run by Steve and his dad Derek, they offer any rider the opportunity to ride whilst on holiday in Almeria. They are both trials enthusiasts and have an extensive background in trials at an expert level. Steve has been riding since he could walk and once held the prestigious title of Welsh schoolboy champion. They have spent the last few years developing a series of sections that are suitable for riders of all levels and combined with the great Spanish weather you are guaranteed a great day out. I also believe if you beat Derek on the sections you might even get a free ride! but don't quote me on that. I have been going back now for the last two years and felt obliged to let other know of this great service. Regards Trialskid.
  5. hi all , i have a 2002 2.9 Sherco and was wondering if changing the fork oil would make a big difference? At the moment i can only describe them as soft when you push down onto them, more so than a newer bike would be, is this a normal characteristic for the year of bike or can this be improved upon. Also when the bike is on a stand the steering seems to be a lot more slack than my 06 beta, the movement from left to right seems to have no resistance at all and I was thinking that something could has worn inside. all comments would be appreciated. Cheers trialskid.
  6. thanks for the tips.... will try today. i have also read that oven cleaner works well. maybee i will try both and get back with results.
  8. Hi Felix, if you are still looking for a new camera and need advice then look at http://www.steves-digicams.com/ this is the best web site for camera reviews that i have come across. good luck......
  9. trialskid

    Fuel Issues

    I have had my Beta 06 for around eleven months and it has just come to my attention that i should be running it on super unleaded fuel as opposed to normal unleaded. Tonight I emptied the tank and filled it up with the super unleaded. the bike started ok and ticked over without problems, however once i put it into gear and tried to move off the bike died instantly so I re-started the engine but this problem repeated over and over again. I should point out that I had the bike back at the dealer at about three weeks old as the bike ran choked from new. He told me that he had adjusted the clip on the slider if that means anything to you. This cured some of the initial issues but i now think the real problem was the probably the wrong fuel...... i would like to run the bike on super but can anyone tell me if the carb will need re setting to cure the running problems, maybe its down to this clip he moved.....please advise if poss.
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