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  1. Try regularly lubing the piston on the master cylinders (especially after washing the bike) with WD40, as they are more exposed than the AJPs.
  2. I agree Avo there should be a small amount of play, but not that much from a brand new bike that hasn't been power washed yet. We do occasionally power wash our bikes and always inspect, clean and re-grease the complete linkage before the next ride (I used to race motocross.....so learnt the hard way!). The movement appears to be coming from both dog bones where they attach to the frame.
  3. The only quality issue we've had on my son's 2012 125 is with the rear shock linkage. We noticed play after the very first ride, so checked shock mounts and re-greased all bearings, but the play was still there and has got progressively worse after every ride. We've cleaned, checked and re-greased complete linkage 6 times now since December 25th. Gas Gas UK say 5-10mm of play is acceptable. Has anybody else had this problem on their new Gas Gas?
  4. Hi, Does anyone know the correct grey/silver paint (or a good match) for the Evo 80 swinging arm? Many thanks Jools
  5. Hi, Does anyone know what other make of clutch master cylinder is a suitable replacement on a 2009 Beta evo 80, rather than the standard Grimeca fitment? I have to replace one of these (Grimeca) and have found out that they cost almost twice as much as other makes of master cylinders. Many thanks Julian
  6. Unfortunately not (carb issue), had the same problem a couple of years back with my son's TY80......had to bite the bullet and purchase a complete new carburetor from Birkettmotosport (birkettmotosportukltd.co.uk).
  7. Back of the net Tudor!!! Just tried your circlip trick and away we go. :0D You've just saved my sanity...........I thought I had lost my mind yesterday! Thanks very much for this priceless tip.
  8. I'll strip the master cylinder tonight and see if there is a blockage/obstruction.....seems strange on a nearly new bike.....but I can't think of anything else that could be causing it.
  9. Yeah, I've even had it wound right out so it's not even touching the plunger (I think that's what you call it?) and still no success.
  10. Hi, I'm having real trouble trying to back bleed the clutch on my son's 2009 Beta 80. I've used this method before on other bikes and have had no problems at all. There seems to be a problem at the master cylinder, because when I removed the brake line from the master cylinder I could see a nice flow of fluid coming out of the end of the line - when pumping through with the syringe - from the nipple at the slave cylinder. When it's connected back up, nothing is coming through. I believe the technique is to leave the lever released while back bleeding - which is what I am doing. I wouldn't have thought that there would be a blockage in the master cylinder, as the bike has only been ridden a dozen times since new. Any suggestions would be greatly welcome.....been in the garage all day with bugger all success! :0( Thanks very much
  11. Hi, I've heard there is a "competition" clutch available for the Beta 80. Can anyone tell me how much this is and if you purchase this direct from BetaUK? Also, is this a straight swap with the standard plates? Thanks
  12. Thanks very much for the info guys.
  13. Hi, Can anyone tell me what year the Beta Rev 80 changed from a grey frame to a black frame?
  14. Thanks for the info guys, I will give it another go tonight - remembering to put the seal in after the cases are fitted back together. Thanks again Jools
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