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  1. Just wondered which chain lube people use and what you think is best. I've had morris's aerosol which was quite runny and most seemed to fly off the chain and end up caped around the rear sprocket and wheel. I'm currently using some castrol aerosol which seems to be better but still doesn't last that long and tends not to stick to the chain as well. Which is the stuff that's white when its sprayed on? It looks better quality and really seems to bind to the chain. Cheers for any suggestions.
  2. I have just bought a 08 4rt. Wow what a bike. Rode gas gas for the last 4 years. Made the change easy and am really used to the bike even after just 15 hours. A friend had a 08 4t sherco and it was a real handfull. He had to have it softened with a heavier fly wheel. Not just a bolt on mod had to completely sacrafice the left casing to make way for the bigger fly wheel. It has made the bike so much nicer. But the mont is soft and progressive straight out the crate.
  3. liam87

    4rt Black Frame

    I scraped my 08 4rt frame at the weekend on a large cotswold stone. It toar the montesa sticker on the left side rail up by the tank and i thought it went straight through the anodising. But after washing it later that evening i was pleased to see that it hadn't marked the frame at all. I can say then that the standard finish on the 08's is very tough.
  4. I have just bought an 08 4rt and i think i can hop it just as easy as a gas gas. I have had to change the way i do it slightly i.e. instead of hopping the back purely through my legs i blip the throttle and clutch for a split second on the up bounce. Are you a hop and skip kind of rider. If your not just enjoy th bike for what it is. It's never going to be a gas gas. As the others said above its a hell of a lot of money to reduce the weight by such a small amount.
  5. liam87

    Repsol 4rt 2008

    A mate has just bought a mitani silencer and it looks real trick but i don't think i could tell the difference betwen standard and mitani. Both power and noise
  6. liam87

    Repsol 4rt 2008

    Wow! the 07 bikes must be really aggresive then. Iv'e ridden an 05 and have just bought an 08 and it is extremly soft. Have you tried an 08 sherco 4 stroke. A friend had one and had to have a heavier fly wheel put on. It was almost not rideable.. so aggresive even for an A route rider i though. So much better now though that extra weights made hell odf a difference.
  7. liam87

    Repsol 4rt 2008

    Just had the two exhaust restrictors removed. The other restrictor you are on about must still be in there. I certainly haven't noticed it! We set a couple of tough section yesturday which id'e have never even looked at on my gas gas. The bike has given me more confidence mainly because of how much grip it finds. We were on thick loose leaves and had a section from a short run up, up a large tree stump root covered in green moss on a steep bank and the 4rt was ace. My gas gas would have really struggled. Have round 1 of the Midland Centre Group trial series in two weeks so it'll be interesting to see how i get on. I had the same trouble repsol all sold out and was going to have to wait till end of jan for a standard 1. Then a mate when up to Barnsley and the dealer had two in stock so went back u the next day! I couldn't wait!! You'll love it mate!
  8. Ive been riding for about 4 years now. Ride club a, group and centre trials. Had 3 gas gas 250's. Just bought an 08 4rt and have adapted quite easy. Done about 10 hours so i have got a good feel for the bike. The bike is just so smooth. The grip that you find is amazing. On two strokes my style of riding was very easy on the throttle. I guess thats why i found the change relativly easy. I have been running the bike in though so it will be interesting to see how things go on long steep climbs and really muddy sections. Fantastic so far though!!!
  9. liam87

    Repsol 4rt 2008

    I've been trialling for 4-5 years now. Started on a yam ty 250 and ever since I have had gas gas. Ride A club / group and centre trials. A mate bought a 05 4rt and I had a go. All I can say is I was utterly amazed! The amount of grip they have and how little throttle you have to use is mind boggling. This was enough for me and since 29th dec I have been the very proud owner of a 08 4rt. They have come on so much. The main thing I notice is how smooth the power delivery is and how progressive the clutch is. Went practicing 3 days on the trot over christmas so an oil change is due now. Dealer removed the front and middle exhaust restrictors and apart from that it's standard. I personally do think you need to alter map settings / throttle bodies etc but then again I have been running it in and taking things steady. Will be interested to see how it copes with long steep climbs and bottomless bog sections!
  10. How about a TXT80 with a Rev4 engine? Sounds about right for you Pete I'd still need a slow action throttle! Think of all that hoping and skipping you'de be able to do though!
  11. Me and dad will be going up. Just depends on what time i manage to get out of bed! Rusty might be coming to.
  12. Yeah same place. It's just opposite the broadway golf club.
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