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  1. It has been a long time but I am sure the exact same words came out of my mouth after several attempts at competing in Europe. At least now there is more than 1 class so there is a better chance of some initial success. Maybe the difference is we view Trials as a sport we do for fun and it is much more serious over there. Also, the Europeans are much more comfortable with the different cultures as they are exposed to them for their whole life. It takes a very unique American to make the switch. I understand and respect Pat's decision, as much as I would like to see the US have a rider over there. Mark
  2. So good to see, not many know how difficult it is to perform at such a high level in Europe. I have total respect for the accomplishment, the season is young, keep it up!
  3. As a long time rider I had a bad facial injury about 4 years ago, a couple of fractures and a lot of stiches. Not as bad as Eric's or Geoff Aaron's back in the 90's but bad enough for a long stay at the ER and the chance to see my head sliced apart by an MRI. If I was going to ride anything I would consider agressive I would try to have more protection than the traitional open face but for now I just ride the easy stuff. I agree that the MX helmets are more than we need but those BMX or pitcrew helmets may be an acceptable compromise. I think at the club level there is only a very small chance of not being able to protect your face in a crash but all this rear wheel/big gaps certainly can make a face plant severe. Like everything it just comes down to the amout of risk you are willing to take. Mark
  4. BUMMER! Best wishes for a speedy recovery, I hope it sounds worse than it is.
  5. mmanniko

    1974 Ok. National

    Wow, that is great to look at. I was 5, just getting my TY80! Those guy's set the bar very high. There are so many interesting things to get from looking at those results, how many things have changed and others have not. Thanks Jon! Mark Manniko
  6. I have not looked into the front suspension but it should not be too difficult to reduce the spring tention or even grind some of the outer diameter of the springs to change the tension. Ian had mentioned that you can use a lighter spring from the smaller bike on the rear shock. I guess it is a bit shorter as well. For the rear brake there are 2 return springs. It only needs 1. I took off the long round spring that goes around the cable and it is much easier to pull. I should also lube the cables but have not got around to it. So far getting my son to stand is also not easy. What has had the best effect is pointing out how everyone else stands up all the time. It seems when he is comfortable he stands up. I don't push it since I want it to be fun and when he is ready he will stand. Peer pressure is great for encouraging changes, since I don't want to spend all my time correcting him. They are great little bikes! Mark
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    I agree that there are many issues for local clubs that are always compounded when they are not profitable or are losing membership, but I think is is still important to try to push the level of our top riders as high as we possibly can. Something I have not seen mentioned yet is the positive impact a club gets from having a top rider. It is even more of an impact if that rider has the opportunity to get to Europe. The trickle down effect of the learning that takes place is very valuable for the younger riders who want to try to get to the top. Just because we are not currently competive at the top world level does not mean we should give up. Going to Europe on your own as a rider is a massive and overwhelming task. The TDN allows a rider to get their feet wet with a fantastic support system. If they take to it then they will have an easier time for their own effort. Mark
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