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  1. Thanks, this is so bad it siphons, will look closer. Agreed on stand though!
  2. nickyburnell

    MAR Shimming

    Had engine completely rebuilt by Steve a couple of years ago, all good. I am now getting quite a few neutrals. Is the re-shim as evil a job as it looks, and if so who does a good job before I try to collar Steve again? Thanks
  3. Replaced o ring, still leaks, lot when on stand. Apparently the fix is to get it machined for oil seal? Anybody done this? Thanks
  4. All Orange/FSMAIL/Wannadoo email accounts are now defunct.
  5. nickyburnell

    Mar Clutch

    Contacted Steve now
  6. nickyburnell

    Mar Clutch

    Hi, got bad snatch when warm, Oil makes no difference. No luck trying to contact Steve Sell by any method (no I don't withhold my number) so: Anybody know if the In Motion kits are OK? Or any other pointers? Many thanks Nick
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    That would be a good point!
  8. nickyburnell


    My 250 with a 2mm overbore is on 125 main and 37.5 pilot on a VM26 and its perfect from walking pace. 27.5 was very baaaaaa on the VM26 A quote from Jim at BOC for the VM26 . Mines on 37.5, maybe due to overbore size Needle 5CN6 (from your old carb - unobtainable now) Needle tube O-4 Main Jet #125 Pilot Jet #35 Slide cutaway 2.0 or 2.5
  9. Or try Steve Sell to see if he has one?
  10. Hi, I've asked Jim awaiting reply: Any other takes on ridding oneself of the air system? Springs, caps, anyone done it? Ta
  11. Where did you get the valves in the end? Ta
  12. Funny, having the same thoughts when working on Beamish, after the Ossa I found it obstructive and awkward. Maybe just one of those days?
  13. 1.5 thou. Popped head after an hour, all good and buttoned up again.
  14. Update: Re-bored and as quiet as a mouse
  15. Oh yes they do. Many were converted back in the day and mine is one. Romat Rough history: http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/16878-ossa-modifications/ http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/56275-ossa-reed-valve/
  16. Piston here now, from InMotion, it is a Spanish one from Ital, they come in 72, 72.25, 72.5 (mine), 72,75 and 73. Skirt is full length but IM said they could have had it sorted. I have been informed by a few that full length skirt made absolutely no difference to bikes performance. It would of course be a better balance like that. My re-borer is very experienced, shall ask him his opinion.
  17. I have 11/42 and it goes so slow in 1st as to be nearly stopped. 44 would be interesting
  18. Thanks, yes getting bore measured first. Steve just doesn't answer calls or email so will go the In Motion route. Did you remove piston skirt yourself?
  19. Many thanks to all. I'm now sure it's piston slap at bottom of bore. No head contact. In Motion have pistons 72.00, 72.25, 72.50, 72.75, 73.00. I'm on 72 std so hopefully 72.25 will cure it. Strip down again tomorrow to check for bottom slap, then off to the re-borers
  20. It is sort of rev related. Entire exhaust new. Back to lockup!
  21. PS. I did think of this, so ran two with super low compression as a 10 second test, my thought was that the ring wasn't being compressed. Same noise.
  22. As in the head gasket so to speak? Yes a new one supplied by Steve. About 3mm I suppose. It did make this noise before it went to Steve BTW, Big end was floppy which is what I presumed it was, Noise is top end ish it seems.
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