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    hello before you go into any big cost of pistons and tappets the tappets shold be self adjusting i had a simler prob with mine it had a rattle and sort of ching come from the engine it did not change under reving it got louder on tick over i later found out that it was the locking tab that keeps the oil fillter in it had came loose but it cant drop out due to fly wheel keeps the bolt from dropping in to the engine only found out when changed the oil so try oil change and check this first hope this helps good look
  2. grip fitting top tips

    talcum powder
  3. Popcorn in my tank !

    try and fill it with water then freeze it this works with plastic tanks good look
  4. Bike Rack On Mercedes A Class?

    yes as long as the towbar is the one with two bolts type if its the slot in type you can get a plate made to fit the slot in type tow bar most of the newer cars have the slot in type find out which type needs fitting if its a slot in one i have a plate i made to convert mine which converts the slot to two hole type for the bike rack i can take a picture of it for you to get one made the differnce between the racks the 4x4 sticks further out from the car to clear the spare wheel
  5. Gas Gas Clutch Prob

    check the seals on the marster cylnder and calliper if thay are ok then try bleedin the clutch you will have to reverse bleed it with a syringe and pipe bleed from the bleed nipple pushing fluid back up to the marster sylnder
  6. Castleside Trial

    the castleside trial at lambshields one of the best trials thanks for putting such a great trial on enjoyed all the sections starting to feel the pain for the long ride round the two lap trial i think 8 mile round trip per lap feels like it thanks to castleside club and all the observers we cant do with out there time and patience
  7. Expectations ?

    hello slogger ive tried them all apart from the beta the gasgas pros were no good from 02 to 04 clutch and gearboxs exploding getting water in the gear box i had 1999 sherco 250 great bike then got 2000 290 great bike then got a gasgas 280 pro when thay came out in 02 nothin but problems got 03 pro to see if that was better not much then got 04 scorpa 250 sy in my eyes one of the best rides i had great bike and bullet proof then changed to 05 sherco 4 stroke thats a no no it was more of a pushbike than a motor bike never started then got a 06 sherco 290 great bike same as the scorpa great ride now i have the montesa 4rt never looked back fantastic bike to ride but cost a lot the betas have a problem with the staiter this has just cost a friend 200 pound to get fixed so if i was you look towards the sherco great bike
  8. Clutch Master Cylinder Trouble Pain In The Ass

    hello karl you cant bleed the clutch from the lever m8 it is a pain you will need to get the biggest syringe you can get your hands on you can get them on ebay with the pipe included you need to reverse bleed it from the bleednipple watch for the bubbles in the master cylnder lock the bleed nipple off take most of the fluid from master start again this should solve it m8 lee
  9. Brake Pistons

    i used pipe grips on mine pumped the preasure up on the lever to see if thay moved slightly if not split the calliper make sure you dont lose the seal little o ring from the centre of the calliper got the pipe grips on twisted the pistons till thay popped removed the pistons carfully not too damage or score the pistons got 1200 wet and dry sand paper cleand the grime off them replaced them carfull not to damage the seals refiting the pistons you can buy a brake calliper piston fitting kit from machine mart hope this helps
  10. really appreciate this, i cant ride it and its so frustrating :/

  11. Sy250 Noisy Exhaust

    the center box welds crack this is a common fault on the scorpas take it off then have it rewelded i done mine my self having accsess to a allie weld set never had any probs since the packing in the back box will be fine no need to replace it
  12. Back Brake

    lift the back wheel higher than the fluid cup so the caliper is up high this helps to force any air to the top quicker or you can syringe the the fluid in from the bleed nipple biggest syringe you can get with a bit of pipe tight to grip the bleed nipple this also works for bleeding the clutch ican send you one if you cant get one