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  1. it looks whitey pinky and i've looked in the rad and lost about 100ml or so. its annoying as i wanted to sell it to buy an R6.....
  2. when i changed my oil it was light pink rather than the normal darker!, all i can think of is that water is getting into it, what do i do? and i did want to sell it!!! not happy
  3. every single video is my kinds of video, awsome
  4. i run a bottle of slim in my rear gasgas250 and i run it almost flat its been ok for 6months, great for comps if i strugle with grip you can let your tyre down more and not worrie. .
  5. tried impact driver, gonna drill it 2nite, i have a extra long drill bit 5mm
  6. its come to the last resort of drilling the clutch bolt head out/off, i have tried everything from tapping it around with a punch,torx, and snap on easy outs!! do i drill the head off, pull the clutch off then use a pair of mole grips on the threaded bit sticking out?
  7. now i realise that, i just though it be nice to take it all off and look at the idler wheel as i think i might need replacing.. .
  8. whilst taking my clutch off to change the metal plates to 1.3mm, so far i've got to the allen headed bolt in the centre of the clutch the one with the hollow centre. i was being carefull taking my time then my allen key slipped and its rounded the head any advice how to get it out?? i though about trying to bang a imperial allen key on or drilling the head off.
  9. thanks alot for that
  10. 17.5 mm from where, the fluid level is ok.
  11. the dextron red atf stuff and the correct ammount not 500ml or 200ml something like 300-400
  12. hi my clutch is slipping its had a new one put in my a mate is there a special way it need to be fitted? and also the lever is sfiff it only slips when i put it into 4th 5th and 6th
  13. what is the correct way to bleed my clutch on my gas gas? what oil and and tip or tricks used?
  14. can anyone or know anyone who can fix my gas gas in the dorset/wiltshire area. its the kick start wont kick the engine over? it springs back. .
  15. Hi all, im getting my rims power coated where can I get them rebuilt well, I live in Dorset Wiltshire can anybody help? and how much will it cost??
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