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  1. Johnny- sitting at a bar in Oakland airport. Best read I've had all WEEK! You rock, brother. You and all the TFM guys gotta come out to January Romoland event! Miss u and Bob and Charlie! Congrats, d.
  2. Hey all, Trying to register a Gas Gas TXT 50 here in California. Our Dept of motor vehicles needs the frame VIN number (Easy to find) and the motor number. Anyone know where this is stamped? Thanks! The bike is sweet (for my son) but illegal to ride. The law enforcement here is just way too strict! -Damon
  3. Yes, as long as I've seen him ride, he's been in the full face helmet. Crazy kids.
  4. Have a great ride Eric! All the SCTA gang wish you well. And please please keep an eye on Neil. I've attached (I think!) a picture from El Trial, March 09. -Damon
  5. I was there too! Thanks for posting the video. Will share with all my pals. Hope you get to do more of these. Damon B. Gas Gas 200
  6. Oh well, best of luck then. I'm curious to see how it works for you. Myself- I was basically stuck between keeping my car, or having to get a truck. I'm not too worried about the handling, as two adults in the back seat weigh more than the bike. Although the car can now pull a nice wheelie! -damon
  7. I just picked up a 'Ultimate MX Hauler', which inserts into the tow hitch receiver. It uses a small hydraulic jack to lift, holds the bike up nice and high, , and also well back of the car. Check out http://www.ultimatemxhauler.com/ for more info. The only peculiarity, especially for trials bikes, is the rear fender becomes quite a wing when at highway speeds. I've been removing the rear fender for any distance road trip. Other than that, it holds the bike VERY solid, and is designed for a much heavier bike than my GasGas. Best of luck, Damon.
  8. Hey there Kevin! Glad to see you joined the message board. So how did you make me your friend anyhow? I cannot seem to figure it out. By the way, did you ever hear exactly how well you did at Romoland? I reckon you got second (at least that is what I told all my pals) Feet up, bro!
  9. Yes, Martin IS a pretty good guy. But no BS- He's right you know: my dad Art was a great racer, father, and a great man. Thank you Martin for the kind words. -Damon
  10. We'll be there! My brother is competing (First time ever) and I'll be putting around, watching and practicing. Should be a good time. I think I was an SCTA member in the very late 70's. I hope to compete at the next event in February. See y'all there! -damon
  11. Martin, Hello from Damon Barda! I just got a bike, as did my brother. We're getting back into the sport

    Thinking of all the fun I had way back when my dad was at Montesa.


  12. Greetings all: I just joined, just picked up a GasGas 200 last night, and I am ready to ride! I rode a '77 Cota 123 back when it was new, and and haven't been motorcycling at all since 1980. Long story; my dad was working with the west coast Montesa distribution in the states, Martin Belair worked there and introduced me to the sport. We rode all over southern California, Santee and Barona and Saddleback, and even the Orange County Fair. Anyhow, after way too long away from the sport, both my brother and I are jumping in feet up. If anyone out there communicates with Martin, tell him Damon Barda says hi, and thank him for giving me a passion for this sport so SO long ago. -damon
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