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  1. hello i recentley baught a beta rev3 in april and it has a bit or wear in the rear mudguard stickers and i was wondring were i can get some the bike is a 2005 model and it is a 250cc. I was going to buy new graphics for the hole thing and was wondring where i can get some any help would be very useful
  2. shercoking94

    How Much Oil

    jh i posted a topi the other day about what oil to use and i have now baught some now i have baught some i am faced with the dilema of how much to put in the bike and i was wondering how much a beta rev 3 takes or should have many thanks tom
  3. hello is there a group for novises and beginners and if there is what are they
  4. thankyou for all of your ideas on what oil i think i will use the Shell Advanced 10W gear oil but i still odnt know how much to out in can any one help me or should i just fill it up to the top many yhanks tom
  5. shercoking94

    What Oil

    hello i have just decided it is time to change my gear box oil and i was wondering what oil to use and what viscocity to use in it any help would be appriecrated meny thanks Tom
  6. shercoking94

    New Parts

    hello there i have just upgraded my 200 sherco 250 for a 2005 beta 250. it needs a couplebits like akikstart and a gear lever i am also going to get i a new front mudguard and graphics. i cant seem to fing a good place to buy them from and where i can get all of i bts all in 1 big hit. if anyone noes if a good place can they please let me no. many thanks Tom Bounsall
  7. hello i have got two pairs of boots one trials and one mx i find that the trials ones are a lot mofe flexible and have a lot more give in them where ad mx boots are a lot stiffer and atr a lot thicker. i baut a pair of formas and they are great and they take a fair beating hope this helps Tom.
  8. hello there yesterday i decided to bleed my clutch so opend the nipple to get all of the old fluid and then when i put some new in i cant build up the pressure again help please.
  9. Sorry people put this in the wrong place sorry
  10. hello there i have a friend with a beta 125cc (not sure what year) anyway the hydrolic cluch is not responding when you pull it in what could it be tried bleeding it and back bleeding and changed the oil and its still nothing? Thanks. Tom.
  11. would that exsplain why it only leaks when it gets hot Tom
  12. Thank you for that but why would gearbox oil be coming out of the radiator at the front of the bike?
  13. shercoking94


    I have a 2000 sherco 250 and when it gets hot it starts leaking a red liquid out of the radiator . My first thaught was petrol bacause the oil i use is red but i dont think that petrol goes through the radiator. i have been checking other things like hole in the petrol tank and the tank overflow. is there anything elce it could be be any help would be usefull thakns Tom.
  14. So he can still ride for a club but cant ride in the youth class?? Tom
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