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  1. mrgas


    is that a villiers engine ? looks familiar
  2. the best advice i can give when buying secondhand is , if it don't seem right walk away
  3. i know nothing about them but ............. i say geddit , it sounds like you've made ya mind up geddit and enjoy it
  4. i dont think you can beat a 2 stroke for doing H & H events , you only have to look at the results i raced a 450 KTM for 2 yrs and then switched to A GASGAS EC 300 and raced that for 2 1/2 yrs , for me the gasser was the perfect enduro bike, it did everything i wanted and then some you'll always have the weight advantage on a modern 2 stroke as well sometimes it may not seem a lot but towards the end of a gruelling race in bad conditions it can make all the difference one of the main disadvantages of the two strokes though is fuel consumption , i did a race series that did 2 1/2 hour races , my mates on 4 strokes could just scrape this , i couldn't and always had to refuell , even with a quick filler its still lost time unless you shell out for a big tank ( something which a lot of people do) my mate did the same races as me on a ktm exc 250f he beat me more times than i beat him but that was down to the fact that he is the better rider at least if you get a 250 four stroke you can go in the E1 class
  5. have you accidently got your exhaust packing wet whilst jet washing ? does it run ok ?
  6. i dont want a trial with ANY four foot step ups ! they obviously went back to conventionals from USD's ? what fat bars and clamps you got ? ( i'm presuming they're fatbars) i've been looking at some renthals
  7. i used to use this but now i've got vista it isnt compatible do you know of a version for vista ? thanks
  8. hi just wondered what sort of front tubes i need for my trials bike , do i need the heavy duty ones or is this unnecessary ? thanks
  9. that will do for me , thanks
  10. hi how do all your trial boys join your chains ? i've always rivetted the ones on my enduro bikes is this the way to go on trials bikes , i noticed the one on my BETA has a split link thanks
  11. thanks for asking greenlaner1 tyre pressures was gonna be my next question
  12. i live in hucknall (just north of nottingham) i've rode past hawksnest several times on my enduro bike , we go to 3 shires head i'm always looking for new places to ride and would be very interested in having a look/ride all the best
  13. went out yesterday on the BETA for the first time i had a day at bonsall quarry and thoroughly enjoyed it its the first time i've rode a trials bike proper and i couldn't believe just how good it was , i had about 5 hrs out on it and to be honest for the first 45 mins i was wondering what the hell i'd bought it for ! then when i'd got used to it a bit more i was loving it heres a picture of a massive rock i was hopping over i've put an industrial size putolene bottle next to it to give you an idea of just how big this rock was all in all an excellent day out
  14. that looks well nice what forks are they ?
  15. some interesting points here and time for another newbie question me thinks on my enduro bike (300 gasser) i always had an o-ring chain , my question is does anyone use them on trials bikes or are they simply not needed ? thanks
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