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  1. plenty but the most recent was on saturday very slow rocky downhill right turn not really paying attention,straight over the bars grazed knee,and a comedy walk for a few days oh the joy
  2. aye sparticus

    Tyre Presser

    Yep leedb it was tongue firmly in cheek
  3. aye sparticus

    Tyre Presser

    best starting point would be 6psi front 4psi rear cant go far wrong
  4. aye sparticus

    Tyre Presser

    you do mean pressure,don't you ?
  5. Suffered a bit of chain rub on my boots(Novogar) i have bought longer chain gaurd from trials cast so no more rub but what can i repair my boots with super glued a piece of inner tube but it didnt last long any ideas/advice the cuts about an inch long
  6. Yep Notoil availible in the UK find it very easy to use bought it on ebay in a three pack Cleaner,Oil and rim grease think it was around a tenner
  7. got a pair of the raw sport trousers find them comfy and durable
  8. I can highly recommend the Dave Cooper bike rack have it fitted to my Ford C-max which is around the same size and height as the Zafira it replaced easy getting the bike on and off and the two wheel sections come off easy for storage couple off ratchet tie downs and your away don't have the room to store a trailer so for me it was the only option Ali
  9. Always had a bit of noise from the clutch, i believe this is to be expected on a gas gas but i have just installed a flywheel weight and now it seems even noiser....is this usual?? it goes when the clutch lever is pulled in bit baffled!! i know it's a bit of a numpty question but im new to all this thanks for any advice
  10. Thats the one phoned them but it doesnt come on its own it's "part of the seal kit" even though its on the website on its own ???
  11. Had my first trial on Sunday,also had an off on the first section with the effect of bending my clutch lever into an attractive U shape, anyway managed to straighten it out ....a bit and carry on, done the first lap then coming back to the start .... no clutch it wouldn't engage with the hilarious effect of me starting it in neutral then putting it into gear as it shot off with me holding on ... Oh how i laughed ... err not quite anyways i believe i need to bleed the clutch there was some fluid leaking round the lever i do have the replacement seal kit which i had bought the other week (
  12. A worthy cause chaps well done and all the best hope you exceed your target Ali
  13. Yeah it runs fine this may be a possibility the kids were "helping" me to clean the bike on Sunday but also on the premix ratio 50:1 maybe a bit rich what do you think/use/advise???
  14. After experiencing some white/smokey exhaust fumes at the weekend i decided after some advice from this board to check for water ingress on taking the plug out it looks well oily and fouled ...so before i start taking the rest apart it looks like my mix is to rich using pre mix at 50:1 been advised 80:1 also seen 66:1 mentioned as the correct mix ???????? The bike is a Gas Gas pro 250 2006 model so what mix do you use and what brand of 2 stroke premix is the least smokey any advice from the good people of the forum much appreciated Ali
  15. Hi i have a 06 Gas GAS 250 use 50:1 mix with no problems but have noticed yesterday that the exhaust fumes seemed very white(so much so i thought there had been a new pope elected) havent done anything different water ingress somewhere?? clean with a power washer but always careful round wheel bearings and engine casings mix to rich/weak? any help would be great it isn't having any effect on the performance of the bike but hate to ignore it incase it's something that could cause problems later
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