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  1. Yes was at Bushy, And I feel so dumb. Happy but embarrassed. My countershaft sprocket bolt fell off. Used a TY 250 I had picked up the weekend before and won the INT line. My 175 would have been like cheating on those sections. But thanks for all the help. even just the moral support. I was certain my transmission went bad.
  2. Hi everyone, I have a TY 175b , I got the bike a year ago and have rode it all season. It's transmission has been touchy and I have babied it through the year. It is my first one so I didn't know if this was normal or what. This past weekend I was at an Event and headed out to the first section it jumped out of 4th gear into a neutral and I could not get it to go into any gear after that. I pushed it back to the truck and it magically seemed to be working again. I headed back out and it did the same thing again in 2nd gear. I was done at this point and used a spare bike to ride the Event. I am not a very good mechanic and don't know where to start. I will probably have to have somebody else fix it but would like your input to see if it is a common problem or what. The bike is real nice and I want it fixed. Suggestions would be welcome. Thanks for assistance, I am in real need. Hop-Sing
  3. hop_sing

    Carb question

    Hi all, I got a TY and have been loving it. At our Trial last weekend it started bogging off idle. I cleaned the carb tonight and when I checked the idle screw it was only a half a turn out. I always think 1 and a half turns is closer to what I use as a standard starting point. I am going to be competing this weekend and just trying to get some input for when I try to tune it up at 8000 feet. Opening that screw is leaning it out and would be the right direction for higher altitudes,Right. Raising the clip one notch will also drop the needle and help also, correct. just need some reassurance as I need a good running bike to compete with these guys that have 7000 dollars into their TY's. I got some good shocks and a couple minor mods and can beat them if my bike runs right. Thanks for any help given.
  4. Speed and Sport, I am in California and the home page pops up and I recognize the guy riding. I have ridden with these guys for years. Our club has an easy day on Saturday with Vintage lines set up. the harder stuff is on Sunday. Thanks for pointing me in their directions. I had no idea they had a business. I have a brand new Domino throttle assembly. It has a white tube. I like the slower black one on my modern bike but this might be fine with a slower responding TY 175. I have risers under my handle bars, so I need a little extra length. I like the domino style throttle because they can save your motor if your bike revs out and the kill switch isn't stopping it. this happen about a week ago to me while starting my bike after adjusting the free play. In the pits with a bunch of people standing around. Bike reved out, I hit the working kill switch magnet off and the bike just keep going. Without hesitation I grabbed the throttle cable and yanked it open at the Domino throttle unit. The cap pops of and releases all resistance and the slide pulls the carb closed letting the bike go back to idle. People were shocked at how fast I reacted. Not my first time that the kill button has done nothing. I just bought the bike earlier this week and have it hidden in one of the shops. going to come riding it out when the family is out in the back yard in our Trials area. They have no idea I bought it, My grandson has been riding our local trials on a Oset and was gifted a TY 80 that he is just getting strong enough to pull the clutch on. He also started it by himself a couple days ago. My new Ty has the same color scheme as his. So with two new TY's in the vault I will probably be asking a bunch of basic questions.
  5. I need a new throttle cable. pre mix is gone and I want a one piece. Whats the best fix. New to the TY's, can I walk into the yamaha dealer and get one.
  6. I haven't looked at the bike recently and not that close as we where riding together and I wasn't looking to buy. The guy is smart enough to not have the wheel off center. I think he cut the spacer and moved it to the outside of the sprocket. If a different spacers are available to be able to use a flat sprocket then that should ease my worries about future sprockets. But I also am gathering that the brakes and cables should all be the same. I was thinking maybe the hub had a deeper hole for the brake shoes. I am going to go look at it in a couple days and want as much input as I want something that is hassle free.
  7. I ride a modern Trials bike and want to get a TY to ride and set up our vintage sections. I found a 175 that has some mods done and looks pretty good. But the owner has a couple 250's that are not as nice. He put the 250 wheels and tires on the 175 because the tires where nice Michelin's and cut a spacer to line things up. This also means that it now has a dished sprocket on it. My questions are things like, are they heavier ? will the dished sprockets get hard to get in the future ? Is this something anybody else has done. I think it is silly he did it. maybe the spokes and rims are better or something else. but should I skip it or not be worried. I know the guy and he isn't a dummy. He says he can swap it back but I just don't know enough about the TY's. It has several other mods like the stiffer front springs in the forks and pegs done right. I am tall and it has the bar riser's. Thanks for any input. Hop
  8. Here is a link to some trials pictures that where taken last weekend at the Rocky Ridge Trial here in Northern California. The first set is riders in sections and the second set is me taking a few riders out for a safety check for the next day. https://www.flickr.com/photos/venturephoto/sets/72157666843547325/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/venturephoto/sets/72157666718360262?fb_action_ids=988269627933593&fb_action_types=flickr_photos%3Aadd&fb_ref=w
  9. hop_sing

    2014 Raga Info

    Thanks for the info, I like to change my oil often and use a big syringe so having an idea how much makes it faster. and a quick peek at the Throttle bearing eases my mind about changing it. love this site for the answers, as I always like the second opinion. Thanks again Hop-Sing
  10. hop_sing

    2014 Raga Info

    I just upgraded my 04 pro to a 14 Raga. it is the 250, First question is, can I change the throttle to a slow/black one or because of the bearings in there is it more complicated. Second, I got a 10 tooth on the countershaft, I have ran 9's on the 04 but think a bigger back would be better for the chain. Otherwise I would like to find a web site with all the fluid levels and such, any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. I would like to hear transmission oil preferences. I am an old man riding low level stuff, but I needed a Raga.
  11. This one got me also. I talked to people and they all said this is how you do it. None of it worked. I finally took a piece of 1/2 inch PVC it was threaded at one end. I tapered it of so it would stick inside and tapped it through very easy. that tool remains with a couple other in my tool box.
  12. We have been having this event now for a few years. It is a great time. everyone loves it. April 26th this year followed by a regular Class A event on Sunday 27th www.sactopits.org
  13. We haven't had any events at " Donner " ski park for a few years. But we do have one at Boreal ski park. It boarders the Donner ski area. The Pacific Crest Trail, and some other federal land is wrapped around the Donner ski park and the boarders seem to get fuzzy which has caused some issues. The club property is better anyway for smaller events and we are behind locked gates, so freedom abounds.
  14. Here are 72 pictures I took this past weekend at our "Kraut Cup" trial. It is on our Club owned property. This is the Saturday Trial which is a vintage Beginner event. But I set five lines that have something from the lowest beginner to an Advanced level. We then have a regular class A event on Sunday. As you can see from the pictures, the highest level riders have all they need and then some. http://s229.photobucket.com/user/chickkebill/library/Kraut%20Cup%202013?sort=3&page=1
  15. where do we look for updates and current scores. Good luck to all the U.S. competitors.
  16. We have a bit of a break. our next Trial on Private property is June 30th By Donner on I-80 Sactopits.org Will give you a schedual, Private Property hint = Pits Property.
  17. O.K. we had the event I was talking about. All were invited, AHRMA, local Sac PITS members, and the farmer next door. Things worked great . we all had a good time, AHRMA wanst to come back again next year. Form what ever club you like but at this event anyone could show up and ride. 30 dollars was the total fee, unless you camped then it was ten extra dollars. AHRMA members got AHRMA points and PITS members got PITS points. I will not go on and on about how great it was but I did post some pictures here on Trials Central in the Video and pictures page. We had 56 riders.
  18. Here are some photos of a Sac Pits event where I invited AHRMA to join us. we have a Vintage /Begginer trial on Saturday. Then hit the bigger stuff on Sunday with more advanced riders and bikes. But check out the cool location, Rocky Ridge near Chrome in Northern Cal. http://photobucket.com/2012Carrstrial Hop-Sing
  19. Thanks for posting that link to Vintage Trials in the North West. The "Chrome Trial" I was talking about is on this schedule, although at the moment it is listed for the 15th of April but it will be on the 14th. It is also on the Sac pits schedule. This would be trial to make if you want a good one. To Truely mix the past and the modern together is my goal and I will achieve it. But you will have to come or talk to someone that did come to find out. If you want any info contact me PM, as I don't get to this list very offen.
  20. Promote Trials, We hear this all the time, Then we hear AMA , ARHMA , or what ever group comes along. I think that it will always come down to the Dollar. If someone can come participate in a good Trials event for a low cost they will come. You can't ask an ARHMA guy to pay 40 extra bucks for an AMA membership for the one cross over event he attends. entrance fee, land fee at one simple price, the same for everyone, {excluding members that have earned club points} is how it has to work. The local father can bring his kid and have him ride his dirt bike on an easy line. maybe get hooked. The people that haven't rode in a long time can come back out. If your AMA membership is not current Or,Or. I plan to limit the reasons why not to come. One group T,,,Trials R,,,Riders I,,,In A,,,America L,,,Love S,,,Simple. One group, all are welcome.
  21. Hi Bob, I am putting on an event on April 14 and would like to hear more about insurance. We are an AMA club and lots of ARHMA guys are not, so the cross over insurance is what I am looking for. To earn Club points you will have to be an AMA member. I want to keep cost down for riders so the ARHMA guys wont have to join AMA to ride. that means different insurance. I think I can make good sections for all, we have an ideal spot and we will see how it works. The Trial should show up on both West coast ARHMA, and Sac Pits schedules. Saturday is Vintage Beginner, and Sunday Class A, big boy stuff. Rocky Ridge Trial, Chrome Ca. The ladies at the sign up table are going to have extra work, and we still need to figure out places and points. We just need ALL TRIALS RIDERS to ride. A dab is still a dab, and a Five still sucks.
  22. I feel very fortunate to belong to a club that has it going on! Our Sacramento Pits Club has a Vintage/Beginner trial on Saturday and a Class A trial on Sunday. We use checkers from family members, friends and riders that earn points,so we don't have to have morning/evening events with all riders checking. Anyway, our Saturday Trial comes with basically the ARHMA rules, i.e. no stop. It is a little confusing for the checkers at times, remembering if it's Saturday or Sunday rules, and regardless at how quick a checker is to call you on a 5 for stopping we just ask them to be consistent. I feel the separation between ARHMA and the modern bikes is wrong. So, this year at my Carr's Rocky Ridge Trial I have invited ARHMA to join us. They have accepted. Our Vintage/Beginner day has as many as six lines. 4,3,2,1,0,0+ The 4,3,2 lines are very close to vintage lines, with the 1,0 lines stepping it up, and the 0 being a advanced line, 0+ expert. We also have many classes, i.e. 2 line modern, 2 line classic, 2 line heavyweight, 2 line premier,and 2 line junior. Just about anything you could dream up. If you want to win just find a class no one is signing up for. Insurance is a little harder when involving more than one club. And I am loyal to the AMA. but there is more than one way to skin a cat. I have a sharp knife, and would be happy to see all TRIALS RIDERS coming to the events. All are welcome at The Carr's Rocky Ridge Trial. April 14th, Chrome, California. {15th Class A} Check the Sacramento Pits web site at www.sactopits.org. Sometime soon we will have the calender posted. .
  23. Just saw it on TV here in Ca. They will Be moving on. Good job. and with that other thing that just happened too.
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    My bike is Fixed only after scanning TC. Thanks everyone that reply's to bike questions. I am so happy to have this site. 3 Trials in the next 4 weeks. Northern California
  25. Real easy to do!! the Zip Tie works like a charm. I used a piece of metal and zip tie'd it to the tensioner arm so that it stuck out long enough to get a zip tie on that end of the spring. Squezzed it in the vise and tightend zip tie. After you put the screw in cut Zip Tie's. Now that piece of Metal is in my tool box. Don't see any other way. And this works great no sore fingers. Thanks all for bringing up the Zip Tie thing. After making the right piece/tool of metal I have success. Thanks again!!
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