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  1. The large square button on the top, Mode 2, is the dry, powered map. The smaller rectangle button on the bottom, Mode 1, is the standard, wet map.
  2. In the rainy Pacific Northwest, the best option for dry boots is a Peet Boot Dryer. This system drys even completely soaked boots overnight without heat so no consequential harm to leather. Check them out: http://www.peetdryer.com/
  3. I noticed on the Friday provisional results page Amos Bilbao is showing as a retired rider. Does anyone know what occurred which forced his retirement today?
  4. You should contact Dan Fisher at Dallan Motorsports. He
  5. Here's a photo of Lane sporting his resized helmet!
  6. I would try running at least 50% high octane race gas mixed with 50% premium pump gas. It should stop the knocking. The 315
  7. I read an interview with Miquel Cirera, Montesa HRC team manager, on the Zona Trial website that stated the works bikes are 286CC
  8. Lane is busy holding court on a different forum. You can find him reminiscing about the old days and dispending infinitely invaluable wisdom at the Trials Comp Forum as Mich_Lin,
  9. Congratulations Chris on the first of many national wins! See what practicing trials moves on Honda Spree Scooters gets you!
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