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  1. eazyste

    TL 320 manual?

    Hello, I'm in the middle of a Tl320 rebuild. Does anybody happen to have a copy of a manual for one? Preferably electronic but not essential. Cheers Steve
  2. I had a similar issue mate. Make sure the coil is earthed properly, when I had mine powder coated I had to take a bit of the coating back to bear metal to ensure it was earthed right
  3. eazyste

    Sherco Rear Wheel

    Hi, A mate of mine has just bought a 2016 and is looking for a spare rear wheel. Does anybody know what year wheels will fit or do they need different spacers etc? Any info would be great thanks
  4. I personally think the switch does make a difference, a lot of people I've spoke are 50/50. To be honest I always leave mine on the wet setting any way. As for the switch itself it actually fastens onto a coolant hose on the right had side. Next to your right knee. I can't quite remember the colours of the wires but they connect to two wires coming directly out your CDI. The connectors are obvious and can only go one way, you'll sus' it as soon as you lift your tank off and look. Let us know how you get on Steve
  5. Thanks guys, so just to clarify before I go scraping powder coating of mounts, both sides of the coil need to be clear to the frame?
  6. I've just had my 2011 pro frame powder coated and after putting it back together I don't have a spark, I've cleaned around the engine mounts to make sure the engine had a good earth. My question is ... Where the coil fastens to the frame do both mounts have to be clear to earth, or just the top or just the bottom? Any one else had any similar problems? Thanks in advance Steve
  7. Do other people have any issues with the tank on the gas gas pro's being soft and easy to dent with their knees? Does any body know of anywhere that makes / sells covers to protect the tanks? Either carbon fibre or plastic? If not, I've found a place local to me that might be able to make a carbon fibre cover, I'm trying to gauge interest to see if it would be worth while getting some made and would people be interested in buying them, not sure of a price yet but what would you expect to pay for something like this? Do people think its a good idea? You can get Get covers for just about every other part of the bike, so why not the tank, Thanks Steve
  8. No it's new oil in and it's all nice and clear.
  9. I was riding a trial at the weekend and the bike started over heating, I've since checked the fan, thermostat and all wiring and all seems ok, the water pump to is ok. Can't seem to see any thing obvious possibly n intermittent fault on the thermostat(temperature switch) any one had any similar problems or any ideas what could have caused it? I've seen there's a different water pump you can get off another web site, any body put one in and think there worth it or any difference? Cheers Steve
  10. Had this bother with my 09 evo. Just couldnt understand what was happening, any way, screw the lever adjuster right in, then pull the lever in, Ty-wrap the lever against your bar and leave for a day or two. Remove ty-wrap and pump your brake, should be good as new. We put it down to tiny air particles trapped in the oil. Same principal as putting the syringe on the bleed nipple and leave closed. Then pull the syringe and you'll see air bubbles appear from nowhere! Its these tiny air particles thats causing the brake to not pump up. Let us know how you get on! Steve
  11. im not sure about trials wheels, i'd reckon about
  12. Dye29, i see your at Scarborough, If you dont mind a bit of travelling, Rhomax at stockton will powder coat the frame for approx
  13. Hello, just a quick one, does any one know how to get the the ripon trial tomorrow 5th april? dont want to be getting lost!!! Thanks Steve
  14. does any one know where to get them rim tapes with the valve in them from?
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