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  1. Hello again from Spain. Last week I enjoyed a very pleasant ride with a good friend and here is the result. Hope you enjoy the video. Merry Christmas to all cota200
  2. Answering to your question: http://www.jbanyeres.com/es/escape/72-a.html http://www.jbanyeres.com/es/escape/225-a.html Not too sure if the second item suits the 4T. I would ring them. Serius shop in the province of Barcelona. I own a 2008 125 FR. Great little machine. Regards from Spain. cota200
  3. In this ocasion, modern trials. A good friend of mine on his Raga 300 Hope you all enjoy it. cota200
  4. Hello Motovita, Glad you enjoyed the videos. At least in Spain it is a quite common mod. The airbox comes from a standard Bultaco 183. It was an earlier model but the airbox was much bigger´and carb breathes much better. It fits straight in. If you fit it to a 199 you dont even have to paint it. Here is a detailed inside picture (found it at todotrial, the trials online reference publication in Spanish): Regards, cota200
  5. Hello there, Besides the links posted on the video's forum I am also posting this video links on the Bultaco specific forum, in case someone has missed them. I hope it is ok with the forum administrator. Having the sound on is a must. Recorded in Central Spain. Hope you all enjoy it. cota200 Bultaco 199A - Jazz & Classic Trials Bultaco 199A - Swing & Classic Trials
  6. Hello, just finished editing another video. Recorded somewhere in Central Spain. Hope you all enjoy it. Regards to all cota200
  7. cota200

    Gas Gas Randonne

    Hello there. Hope this helps. At least in Spain the bike comes with an alternative front sprocket for trials use. Also Mitani has developed a front pipe without a cathaliser. Horsepower drop with the restrictive cathaliser. If you want the bike to perform similar to a Scorpa 125F you must do both: change front sprocket and either remove cathaliser (cut and weld) from the original pipe or buy a Mitani substitute. Have a look http://www.mitani-ms.jp/new-products/image/20111107/randone-ex-1.jpg Regards from Spain
  8. Thank you for the compliments. Will try to edit another video soon. The modifications on this sherpa are lower pegs, rear shocks (NJB Trishocks), aluminum front fender bracket and Dellorto carb. Regards to all, cota200
  9. Hello there. People from todotrial have enjoyed this video I have posted so here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PwxdxwI1Ruo The video has been recorded in central-northern Spain this month. I ride my beloved Sherpa 199A with a 199 engine. Regards to all, cota200
  10. Hello there and thank you for your message. North East Spain is a big area...your are thinking of Aragon, Catalu
  11. Hello, I live in Valladolid. Often drive down to Madrid area to participate in classic trials competition. Usually practice in the area of Castilla-Le
  12. Hello there. Greetings from Spain. I am quite a 4strokes fan. The Sherco 3.2 is without doubt the nicest 4 stroke to ride (perfect balance, sweet suspensions, powerfull engine and light as a feather). I have previuosly owned a 4rt and a Beta4T (300). The easiest and cheapest way to bring its strong character down is simply substituting the original fast response throttle (white) for a slow response one (black). Both manufactured by Domino. The bike handles completely different and it doesn
  13. Hello there. Registered a few months ago but never presented myself properly. Your forum is great. I love to surf through the topics especially the ones related to four strokes. We will be in touch. Best regards cota200
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