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  1. Yes but only just, the cylinder liner is pretty thin and will only go one rebore size, not really an issue though because second hand cylinders are easy enough to buy and a four stroke cylinder liner is easy and cheap to use, I did have to remove the balance shaft because the piston skirt will catch the balance weight due to the bigger diameter, I would probably try a slightly smaller bore size if I were to do it again, the problem is getting pistons, I am going to get a Honda atc200 piston to try for suitability as a spare.
  2. I used a kit from the supplier on ebay (a well known man in trials in the north east) on my 175 (originally a 163cc version) and the kit I fitted has taken the engine to 195cc, it works very well, I had to take balance shaft out of the engine and machine the cylinder head to open out the combustion chamber, also have a mitani titanium exhaust fitted, seems a lot of work and money to spend on an old bike but I really like the bike and it now has the power (more than I could have hoped for) to compete in some of the harder trials, it also took me ages to get the carb just right, went through different jets, both pilot and main and tried three different needles, now runs spot on but is still a little high on compression, I may make a spacer plate to put under cylinder base, (now got tennis elbow preventing me ride it ! how's yer luck eh ?)
  3. fell off my Fantic super T (what a machine !!) going a bit quick round a corner, guy comes past in next car along and shouts out of window while I was still laid in the gutter "serves you right" and goes on his way faster than I could have gone on my super T, what a txxxer ! another indication of the humanity of our fellow man nowadays, I followed a car up a slip road other day, pigeon in road that he could clearly see, he went straight over the thing, splattered it all over road, what a pillock ! pulled up at next junction and said wtf was that all about he just gave me a moronic look ?? and said nothing. I sometimes despair.
  4. HI HI Yes they did and it was blasted which they did not say was going to be done when they quoted me for the job, ports dressed with a really nice chamfer on port edges, was ready either for painting or slotting straight on, it looks quite good anyway as it came up with a nice silver grey finish after the bead blasting. (sorry for late reply)
  5. Just as an option, I had an oversize liner fitted and ports cut and bored for my ty and the quality of the work is superb, that was done at SEP in kegworth,
  6. Just had to add whatever you have in way of suspension, setting them up to suit your weight and riding style is far more important than what it says on the tin (or shock body)
  7. Has anyone fitted an alternative kickstart to a 175 Yam, my project Majesty is looking good now but the kickstart is worn although does still work, I would like a better one, one that looks better, works better and is lighter, has anyone fitted an alloy kickstart or modified the original (like the pre 65 boys do), anyone that can sell me a modified one or modify my original ? any help appreciated, it is going to let rest of bike down.
  8. Where are you getting this done, my brake liner is ok but might get it done in the near future and have been looking for somewhere local to have it done (Liverpool not too far from Wakefield and I travel over for work), Thanks
  9. Sorry if it is teaching aunty to suck eggs but have you made sure that linings are actually a good fit in the drum, most drum brakes have shoes that contact much less of the braking surface than they should, can be worth checking wear marks on shoes, one very basic thing is when fitting front wheel leave spindle loose then with brake pulled on hard it will centralise shoes, then tighten up wheel spindle (sorry if it is telling you something you already know)
  10. ausy300pro

    The Doctor

    Rossi had to try and get with the front three in the first two or three (at most) laps, he knows that there is a rhythm and pace that is necessary to go as quick as the front few riders, once you get stuck behind slower riders it is extremely difficult to up your pace once you get past, so to me not a mistake to stick his neck out to get up with the front few (the aliens !). Marquez amazing ride, don't think he could have diced with Rossi as closely as he did without a faster bike, Hondas are still the fastest bikes and it is like having to ride twice as quick to beat a rider who is on a faster bike, as several have said it is no good being quicker through the corners (isn't that the skill ?) only to find a couple of bikes blocking your line because you could not get near them down the straights, even more frustrating to get out of a corner quicker, get alongside and then see the thing just ease back in front. Yes I am a Rossi fan, he has the skill and as equally important the character, it pains me to say it but apart from Fujigas who else is an entertainer in the world trials ! Oh nearly forgot, good ride by Cal and don't know how Yamaha are measuring respective horsepower of the factory and satellite bikes, same engine as factory bike ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! must be using a different dyno to measure the horsepower.
  11. This post lifted my spirit, I am getting more and more frustrated with being shafted by various vendors whether it be Ebay or other sellers, don't get me wrong I have had some terrific service from many sources but find that generally giving negative comments and information about poor service even outright con men is discouraged, there is one well known vendor that I have had terrible service from right up to the point of being totally ignored and not giving me part of the service I was promised before purchasing parts, this culminated in me purchasing a lathe and making some of the parts myself, I will never use that particular one again. (sorry if it appears a rant and is slightly off topic, I would love to see a forum to list the good and the bad vendors so that we have a fair chance of good guys getting more business and bad guys getting less)
  12. has anyone got an email address for Paul Jackson, the wheel builder from Halifax, I have my hub and rim now ready and am going to have to take it to him to sort out spoke length and build it, thanks if anyone can help me with email
  13. Try John cane at (I think) trail and trials uk he does genuine spares for the TY and DT yams so a very good chance he can supply either from stock or by special order
  14. Richmond have been getting lots of entries for years, for my two pennarth I think it is mainly due to the fact that they have some of the best venues in the world (yes the world !), it is a pleasure to get your bike out and go ride round their venues regardless of how easy or hard the trials are. They also run no stop trials which I am assured by my (apparently much better qualified) peers reduces the chance of high numbers of entries ! My local club like most in the area have also seen a reduction in entries, my theory on that one is we have all turned into wimps and cave in to the demands for more "Quality time", what happened to going for a days hard trialling, call at the local pub with all the mates you made at the trial for a pint (or seven in the old days !), then home to find your better half (allegedly) happy to see you and with a little luck some snap being made for the family to have their Sunday dinner together (or was that all just a false memory from my stewed old brain cells !)
  15. HI I used a product called flowliner purchased locally to me and it does seem to be a good product (although time will tell I suppose), not all of the tank liners are suitable for fibreglass so choose carefully, I have done three tanks with it with apparently no issues, if you do the job make sure you follow instructions as I nearly ruined tank at my first attempt by letting it stand too early and the heat build up from the chemical reaction caused swelling of the fibreglass, after that I kept the compound moving round the tank for a minimum of an hour, I am very pleased with the finished job.
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