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  1. Awesome restoration!!! Was the fuel tank painted? if so was it coated inside to stop the fuel vapours bubbling the paint off? Thanks,
  2. gomey68

    Jumbo side stand

    hey all, I am trying to locate a side stand for an 1983 Jumbo, anyone know where I can access one? Thanks,
  3. Hi all, I have a 2005 4RT. Started it first time in 4 weeks and ran fine for a minute then stalled. Wouldnt restart, then after i checked the plug it kind of started but ran very rough and exhaust was red hot. I let everything cool down and tried again but same deal, either no start or runs very rough and wont rev as if timing miles out. Any help appreciated???
  4. gomey68

    Model 10

    Hi, Does anyone know if any series of the model 10 came out standard with a twin spark plug head? Thats 2 plugs in the head, one for spare not twin spark. Thanks,,
  5. Here are some close up frame shots of a M199-A. Ignore the cracks and color :-) Hope this helps. I can get you different angles if needed.
  6. Hi, I have had this problem a few times with the bikes that sit along time or starting after a rebuild. I take the air hose off from the airfilter leaving the back of the carb exposed. Put 2 fingers over the back of the carb so as to restrict airflow but increase vacuum pulling gas through the carby into the engine. You just have to play around to figure out what is too much of a restriction so just move your fingers around. "usually" after you start them this way once they are good to go. Starting this way also helps you diagnose bad crankcase sealing i.e. bad seals. Cant stress enough that these bikes need really good crank case seals. hope this helps a bit :-)
  7. Sounds great! Would love to see some pics and more details on the glass tank..
  8. Not sure of its worth over there obviously depend on condition and completeness etc,,,, but I am looking for one over here in the USA and never really see them except for one restored one a while back that was about 6000USD.
  9. gomey68

    Frame Number M-80

    I have an early M-49 that has the frame numbers stamped in the same spot as the M-10 frame in the pics. Took me a while to find it, thought it had no numbers :-)
  10. Hi, Any one got any comparisons, recommendations or opinions on the big bore kits available for the 4RT? e.g, S3, HRC, etc. Thanks,,,
  11. Hey all, I have just bought a 2005 4RT that came with a Mitani clutch kit, not fitted. - Any one have any comments on the Mitani V's the standard clutch? - Any mods or things to look out for on this model?? Thanks all,,,,,
  12. gomey68

    Sherpa T Mystery

    Just to add my 2 cents :-) If the bike has spark then it should fire to "some degree". if it doesnt fire then either the timing is wrong (which you have checked) or one of the other essentials is missing i.e. fuel, compression, crankcase pressure. The first thing I would check is the woodruff key on the flywheel and also the main seals on both sides of the crank. Both are easy to check. Hope i didnt repost what some else had suggested : Where on the West Coast are ya??
  13. Hi, You can flick the seals out of the bearings as the gas/oil mixture is supposed to lubricate the bearings. I am pretty sure the bearings must be C3 rated as this gives bigger clearances inside the bearings allowing for expansion due to the high heat application. The kickstarter looks OK, I will check an engine I have partially assembled later and let you know. Remember to set the tension on the kick start shaft return spring before you assemble the case halves. Hope that helps,,,and it's correct :-)
  14. gomey68

    M92 Questions

    I should do! I have heard of it but not sure exactly where it is? Can you PM me the address?
  15. Anyone any ideas for best places to get parts for a Fantic Section?? Main things I need are the coolant hoses,,,,,,, I am in the USA so website or address would be great. Thanks,,,,,
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