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  1. DOH! Yes, 06 (now edited) Ok doke, I give it a go and check for splitting too.... Thanks for the pointer...
  2. Hi All, I'm guessing that I may already have the answer to this question, but just as a second opinion... I've had my 06 300 Raga for about 6 months all all was well up to the last few months. I noticed that when shutting off the throttle the engine seemed to make a pinking type knocking sound. I played around with the mixture settings, new spark plug and super unleaded without much success. Today, I've just noticed that when the bikes warm and pinking (only when the throttle is closed), if I put the choke back on, it seems to run better and without and noticable knock/pink. I would guess this is pointing to the jets in the carb being blocked? Strip down and blast out? Also, I've noticed recently, that when starting from cold with the choke on, I have to quick close the choke when the bike fires otherwise it revs its nuts off. Does this tie in with the carb needing a clean out? Your wisdom is much appreciated! Cheers, Wayne. Update: 20/10/11 AAAARRRGGHH! Help! Tonight, stripped the carb and cleans all the needles etc. All looked well, so I reassembled and it kicked it life. It sounded better straight away. So I took it for a gentle ride and let it warm up....the pinking seems to have gone...great! After about 5 mins, I was just about to put the bike away feeling chuffed with myself, there was a clunking sound and the bike cut out. I kicked it up again only for it to cough, fart and backfire! It now runs like a dog and it not very happy It back fires, sounds to knock (pink) and sounds terrible! Help! The strange thing is, it was sweet as a nut for 5 minutes and then caput! What went wrong? Could by complete coincidence could the woodruff key have sheered and put the timing out or has the motor given in? I have no flywheel puller to check the state of the woodruff. I'm very worried... Your help is greatfully appreciated! Cheers, Wayne.
  3. Hi All, Has anyone successfully re-painted the swingarm/engine of their Raga? Mine (as most) looks tatty and was wondering about sprucing it up. Anyone any tips as to which paint to use on the Mag? Cheers, Wayne.
  4. If the plug is dry after much kicking, try and lay the bike on it side until the fuel begin to leak from the carb overflows. This should allow some fuel through and it should then kick... I've used this procedure on a few hardstarting GG's with success. I would agree that the carbs are probably at fault, but at least it will give you chance to check if its a fueling issue. Cheers, Wayne.
  5. I did think about changing the oil and possible servicing them. Can you litteraly drain the oil and refil? I've read you should measure 160mm to the oil in a fully compressed strut with the spring out. So can you change the oil without stripping the entire strut? Cheers, Wayne.
  6. Hi James, The forks are set at the minimum (both compression and rebound). I've tried the extremities of both and not noticed a great deal of difference. The forks are set about 5mm proud in the clamps, should I raise them...whats the norm? Cheers, Wayne.
  7. Hi Chaps, Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on something that bothering me since I've upgraded from a 2002 250 Pro to a 2006 300 Raga with a 2009/2010 frame (legit - all bought direct from GG). I've long been practising hopping the front end and recently started to make some subtle progress on the 2002 pro (I'm no expert obviously!). I recently bought a 2006 300 Raga (yes I know its a powerful bike for a non-expert, but I find the power delivery smoother than the 250) and I'm now finding hopping the front a lot more difficult. My technique still needs a lot of work (I'm still using more arms and shoulders than legs), but I did find the balance and front lift a lot easier on the old 2002. My question is, is this to be expected from a Raga? Is the front suspension a lot more "hardcore" on a Raga than a standard Pro and therefore more difficult to perform hops on for someone of my standard? I know the 2006 Raga does have different front suspension than the pro of the same year: 2006 Raga Suspension It seems a lot stiffer than the old 2002. I was also thinking if the forks may need servicing, so I'd be interested anyone with the similar bike found their Raga to stiffer than a standard Pro. At the moment, I'm concidering if the new Raga was a good move. That said, everything else is spot on. Maybe I just need more time with the bike to adjust? The Raga does also have the 2009/2010 frame so maybe I'm not used to the geometry of the bike yet? Anyone any wisdom when switching between a Pro and a Raga? Cheers, Wayne.
  8. Thanks for that. Unfortunately, it also happens when stationary More investigation required... Cheers, Wayne.
  9. Bugger! Got the drain plug of the full size bike...as predicted, it doesn't fit because of the magnet...magnet colides with something in the box. GG have now sent me the correct plug for the bike. Still not sure what the clonking noise is though...more investigation required. Cheers, Wayne.
  10. Thanks for the reply Jon. One idea I had was to install a magnetic drain plug in the hope whatever is washing about will stick to the magnet. The current drain plug has no magnet. I've just ordered a drain plug with magnet from GG. Only problem was, GG didn't know if theres any difference between drain plugs of the full size bikes and the Boy 50. They're sending me a drain plug for the full sized bikes. I'll give it a go, but I can see a strip down. Any idea Jon, how easy it is to split a Boy 50 box? Don't suppose you have one of your excellent videos showing strip down steps? Kind regards, Wayne.
  11. Hi Chaps, Wonder if anyone out there has any wisdom on this one. My lad has a 2000 TXT Boy 50. It run well but eversince we've had the bike, its made a random clonking sound in the gearbox, as though a free bolt is being kicked around in the box. It happens now and then but the bike (thankfully) seems unaffected by it. I've drained the oil and theres no obvious metal particles. I think the only option is to split the casing and see whats going on before it goes bang. Before I do, anyone go any ideas what it could be and if it should be of concern? Kind regards, Wayne.
  12. thanks for the quick reply. Yep, fitted one when i got the bike. I'll give the carb a quick overall and see how things go... Cheers guys! Wayne.
  13. Hi All, Had a strange one today. The bike has been running fine for months, but today it threw a fart. Bike was warm and running with no choke. All off a sudden started reving up and sounding like it wanted to die. After a minute or two of trying to get things running better I reopened the choke and the bike started running ok. Obviously it was running weak. From then on the bike run fine but the choke was fully open. After ten minutes and trying to do some rear wheel hops (very poorly!), it died again. I knew straight away that that things had returned to normal and the it didn't like choke. I closed the choke and everything was back to normal! So, I'm guessing that the a float in the carb must have been stuck and the bounce of the hop freed it?? Anyway, anyone have any clear ideas what was going on? Should I strip the carb and clean it? Kind regards, Wayne.
  14. 2002 a bit of a dog! Oh no! I've just bought one! What was the major problems?
  15. Cheers chaps for the replies. So, it would seem thats the way it is! Never mind, its back on now, but I'm not looking forward to the next time I take it off! Smalley250, believe me, the hammer got thought of a few times Interestingly, and I'm not sure if this plays a part but its a 2002 with 2004 plastics! Not sure if that makes it better or worse!
  16. Hi All, I've just spent a very frustrating an hour and a half trying to re-fit the seat plastics containing the airbox to my 2002 250 pro. Problem being, firstly getting the neck of airbox past the suspension, then trying to locate the neck on to the carb. The airbox plastic is very hard and not very plyable, so I spent ages trying to attach the two. In the end I removed the carb from the engine side to allow a little bit of wigglying into the neck of the airbox. All in all and complete nightmare. Question is, is this they way it is or have a missed a very simple way of refitting the plastics/airbox? Surely GG didn't design it this difficult? Cheers, Wayne.
  17. Hi All, Just looking at upgrading from a 1994 160. Have seen a 2005 280 pro but I'm read they're a bit of an handful. Would moving from a 160 to the 280 be a jump too far. I would put myself as a novice/intermediate. Would a 250 be better? I have to say that I get the old 160 over most things, but I feel a more modern bike is going to be a whole lot lighter and easier to handle. Will it? Your experience would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Wayne.
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