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Potential Petrol Crisis


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Just back from Fort William tonight, I was there today on business and speaking to the Nevis Radio guys about the SSDT!

Lack of Diesel fuel at the Esso (The Ben Filling Station), but the BP and Shell seemed OK for all grades. I didn't check out the supermarket (Morrisons)

Some garages in the North of Scotland are imposing a limit of

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Obviously we are very concerned.

for the first time this year we had arranged to get local supplies without the need for our own tanker. All we can do is hope that the mad panic that is sweeping Scotland subsides. There is enough fuel if everyone stops hoarding it.

The problem is Diesel in most places, and although trials bikes don't run on diesel (which one of our committee members knows as a fact) our observers vehicles and army land-rovers do.

we are in constant communication with the people who know, but nothing is certain. The local companies and organisations have been very supportive and will do everything possible to help us out.

we will keep you all informed as soon as we know anything more - but in the meantime 'DON'T PANIC'

the SSDT is still on.

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On the same subject.............Countries Petrol Prices!!!

Canada 0.48

Usa 0.40

Mexico 0.31

Cuba 0.41

Columbia 0.30

Venezuela 0.007

Brazil 0.66

Ireland 0.88

UK 1.09 and going up

Spain 0.82

France 0.99

Nigeria 0.30

Sweden 1.01

Holland 1.17

Germany 1.03

Switzerland 0.81

Poland 0.91

Greece 0.81

Iraq 0.16

Iran 0.05

Kuwait 0.11

Saudi Arabia 0.06

Egypt 0.12

Dubai 0.23

India 0.58

Russia 0.39

North Korea 0.22

Mozambique 0.66

South Africa 0.56

Burma 0.22

Hong Kong 0.85

China 0.33

Japan 0.60

Singapore 0.52

Australia 0.66

New Zealand 0.74

Now we could run the Iranian 6 days trial, do the whole 6 days for less than a quid!!!!!!!

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This all seems to have been a bit of a storm in a teacup. The press are reporting everything back to normal. Certainly plenty tankers leaving Grangemouth.

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